What We Believe

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Whatever the pathway that led you to Chowan, we’re all part of the same family here. Chowan is a community of people from an array of ethnicities, faiths, economic circumstances, and academic backgrounds. As we live life together here, our diverse perspectives enrich one another and help shape us to become something more.


You’ll hear it over and over again at Chowan—people care about you here. Professors care about their students. Staff and administrators care about each individual. Friends care about each Other. We all care about making better tomorrows for the lives we touch every day. Caring is at the heart of who we are.

Here’s what you’re going to love about Chowan:

And we’re all in this together. Chowan is more than a small school—it’s like a big family. This is a place where you really know your classmates and professors, and they care enough to know you, too. Side-by-side in this one-of-a-kind community, we’ll move forward to be all that we can be.

Surrounded by people committed to your academic success, you’ll be set to thrive. With small classes and extra resources to boost your classroom experience, your education is personalized for you. Looking for even more? Check out the Honors College, internships, or study abroad option

Hanging out with your friends every day means you’re having a great time no matter what’s happening. Big events like Homecoming and Hawks Fest Week bring the campus community together. Student life favorites like intramurals, campus ministries, and clubs give you places to plug in year round.

Whether you’re looking for some energized city life or chill-out fun at the beach, when you’re ready for off-campus adventure, Murfreesboro is in the middle of it all. And since you’ll be just a short drive from top job markets like Richmond,Raleigh, or Norfolk, possibilities abound for professional connections, too.

With more than 20 teams competing at the NCAA Division II level, sports are a big deal here. Whether you’re an athlete or a fan, you’ll find the Hawk spirit is contagious. You’ll look good in your blue and white swag!

Over and over, through all kinds of stories, Chowan students say they’ve found their opportunity here. A better future. A successful career. A chance to be a leader and make a difference in your community. We believe in your potential, so follow your dreams with us!

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