Chowanoka Magazine

A group of people walking in the Thomas Hall plaza near the Chowan Clock.

The Chowanoka

magazine for alumni and friends

Named after the longest-running series of Chowan yearbooks, The Chowanoka is the magazine for Alumni and Friends of Chowan University. It connects the brave roots of our past with the bright wings of our present, uniting all those who love Chowan under one banner. The Chowanoka launched in August of 2017 and is published by the Office of University Relations. 

Current Issue

Past issues

Fall 2019 | Resilience Issue

Fall/Winter 2018 | 170th Anniversary Issue

Spring/Summer 2018 | Faith and the Future

Fall/Winter 2017 | The Right Time Issue

Summer 2017 | Inaugural Issue

CU Today Magazine

CU Today is the former Chowan University Alumni and Friends magazine that was published twice a year by Chowan University’s Office of Development and University Relations through the Spring of 2017. 

Spring 2017 Issue

Fall/Winter 2016 Issue

Spring/Summer 2016 Issue

Fall/Winter 2015 Issue

Spring/Summer 2015 Issue

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