Office of the President

Welcoming President Thomas

Dr. Thomas’ leadership success in small universities similar to Chowan will be an asset as she navigates the challenges all small private universities across the country are currently facing. She is focused on the success and overall well-being of students, faculty, staff and the overall success of Chowan University. Her ability and desire to be involved in and unite the Chowan family, including the community, will be a tremendous asset to Chowan’s future success. I am excited to see Chowan’s growth under Dr. Thomas’ leadership.
Jane B. Burke  |  Presidential Search Committee Chair and Board of Trustee Member
Jane Burke
Our beautiful campus will soon be bathed in the sunlight of bright spring days; the grass will turn green, the dogwoods will bloom white, and a vibrant tapestry of student life will unfold across campus, each student adding their unique color to the scene. The arrival of spring is an apt time to celebrate the new beginning in the life of a university that a new president represents. With anticipation and enthusiasm, we welcome this new era under the leadership of Rosemary Thomas, an individual who brings a wealth of experience, wisdom, dedication, and passion to our university. She will undoubtedly inspire and guide us as we soar to new heights and continue our mission of shaping the future of our diverse and dynamic community of students who call this beautiful campus home.
Dr. Danny Moore  |  Provost, Chowan University
Danny Moore
A lovely gift is placed in your hands. It is beautifully wrapped in bright, blue paper with a fluffy, white, satin bow. As you give the box a little shake, you are both delighted and curious because you think it might contain that special something for which you had hoped. As you begin to untie the bow and tear the paper away from the box, you feel the excitement of seeing what is inside. You take off the top and there it is, your desired treasure! That’s how I feel about Dr. Rosemary Thomas. Soon, we will all experience the gift of her presence on our campus and in our community! Let us warmly welcome the first woman President in the 176-year history of Chowan University!
Austine O. Evans  |  Chair of the Board of Trustees, Chowan University
Austine Evans
The art of listening is often a neglected skill. When you feel heard by another individual, you also feel appreciated, valued, and understood. In her opening interactions with the Chowan University community, Dr. Rosemary Thomas has immersed herself in what makes this institution special – the people. In her introductory interactions, Dr. Thomas has listened and shown consideration to those who truly understand Chowan, and by doing so, has created an optimistic atmosphere in Hertford County/Murfreesboro.
Harri Lovett ’21 & ’23  |  Director of Business and Industry Partnerships, Chowan University
Harri Lovett takes on New Role

Past Presidents

Archibald McDowell, 1848-1849, 1862-1881
Martin Rudolf Forey, 1849-1854
William Hooper, 1854-1862
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John Catre Scarborough, 1897-1909
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Harold Babb, Acting, March 2023
Charles E. “Chuck” Taylor, Interim, 2023-2024

Board of Trustees 2023-24

Terms Expiring December 31, 2024

Kemper W. Baker, Powhatan, VA
Lynette Bunch, Murfreesboro, NC
Jane B. Burke, Wilson, NC
Ray Felton, Eure, NC
Elaine E. Myers, Ahoskie, NC
Milton Outten, Ashland, VA
Walter F. Pierce, Ahoskie, NC
Charles B. Pond III, Smithfield, VA
Harvey W. Reinhardt, Goldsboro, NC
W. Frank Rose Jr., Ahoskie, NC
Hugh “Butch” Wilson, Burlington, NC

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Blake Blythe, Winton, NC
Mary Anne Croom, Edenton, NC
James M. Eason, Murfreesboro, NC
Austine O. Evans, Ahoskie, NC
James W. Mason, Harrellsville, NC
Jesse E. Vaughan, Murfreesboro, NC
Linda B. Weaver, Henderson, NC
Garry Whitaker, Winston-Salem, NC

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Stanley E. Dixon Jr., Winton, NC
Jessica K. Drake, Suffolk, VA
Miley W. Glover, Monroe, NC
Cecil S. Hollomon Jr., Ahoskie, NC
Billy R. Howell, Whitakers, NC
Julian R. Mills Sr., Roanoke Rapids, NC
Jane E. Newsome, Winton, NC
Robbie Parker, Williamston, NC
Lisa Turner, Murfreesboro, NC
Barry E. Whitaker, Weeki Wachee, FL

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Harold W. Babb, Manakin Sabot, VA
Grace G. Brown, Palm Beach, FL
Shirley B. Brown, Murfreesboro, NC
Ronald L. Hicks, Fredericksburg, VA
Lloyd L. Hill, Murfreesboro, NC
James T. Johnson Jr., Ahoskie, NC
Betty Jo Shepheard, Rocky Mount, NC

Trustees Emeriti

Dewey W. Wells, Blowing Rock, NC