A Life Skills University

Chowan Student, Darren
Preparing you for the future

Join us at Chowan University, where we have embraced a bold new vision. As a life skills university, we empower students for success with an innovative approach to the academic experience. Apply now and be part of our transformative journey!

A Word from Provost Moore

Chowan’s new life skills focus also positions the University for success. The new undergraduate value proposition serves prospective students and their families with career-focused educational pathways and restores confidence in higher education. Our graduates will be ready for the future—set apart to excel in their professions and to make a difference in the communities where they live and work.

A Crisis of Confidence

To meet the needs of an ever-changing market, higher education must prove its worth by graduating competent, prepared individuals who have both the hard skills—and the soft skills—today’s employers expect. Recent college graduates, parents, and employers are increasingly dissatisfied with how colleges are preparing students for the workplace.

Americans’ Confidence in Higher Education

57% in 2015
48% in 2018
36% in 2023

Chowan is meeting this challenge with five core principles

Career Driven Academics

With majors in today’s highest-demand fields, we’re positioning students for a dynamic job market.

Because employers expect excellence in knowledge and skills, our dedicated faculty deliver first-rate content along with vital points of application. Practical experience and career mentoring are highlights of each program, so graduates face the future with confidence.

Learning Model

Innovative Learning Model

A non-traditional innovative learning schedule allows students to concentrate on just two classes at a time for seven-week sessions. With classes only four days each week, Wednesdays are free for extracurricular activities and experiential learning.

Intensive classes incorporate depth of content knowledge and active learning methodology. Students engage in real-world problem-solving in relevant, meaningful ways.

Life Skills Supported

Throughout all coursework and across the college experience, we’ve integrated future-proof skills development that prepares students for the demands of career and life. Our supportive community will provide career coaching and networking.

Whatever the field of study, students will be ready to take initiative, demonstrate professionalism, and communicate with confidence.

Faith Anchored

The entire student experience at Chowan is built on a strong spiritual foundation, connecting a relationship with God to life in the real world.

Faculty and staff invest personally in the lives of students, helping each individual to grow in an understanding of faith. Students learn to integrate biblical guidance in relationships, vocation, and everyday life.


We believe everyone deserves access to a college education, and that’s why 100% of our students receive some type of financial aid. 

Education is also an investment that pays you back, since typical earnings for college graduates are 65% higher* than for individuals with only a high school diploma. We’re here to help you make your college education affordable and to get the most from your investment.

*U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Education Pays

Empowered for Success

Chowan prepares students to take initiative, demonstrate professionalism, and communicate with confidence – in all of areas of life.

Chowan University played a significant role in preparing me for the design world. The university provided practical experiences, such as mock interviews, design-client interactions, and public critiques, which helped me develop real-world skills and confidence. These experiences were instrumental in shaping my abilities as a designer and building my professional acumen.
Nayson Tianga  |  Graphic Design  |  Graphic Designer at Midwest Printing & Signs, Owner of NTDesigns Exclusive LLC