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Shirley Alt
Dr. Shirley Alt|
Associate Professor of Psychology;
Chair, Department of Psychology
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Tina Ashley
Tina Ashley|
Administrative Assistant to the President
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Cynthia K. Askew|
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Jill Awuni
Jill Awuni|
Assistant Professor of Religion and Business Administration; Director of International Students
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Harold Babb
Harold Babb
Show “Babb, Harold” entry details
Kim Bailey
Kim Sherman Bailey|
Associate Vice President for Marketing
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Brenda Baisey|
Services Coordinator for the Maintenance Department
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Kemper Baker
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David Ballew
Dr. David Ballew|
Professor of History; Coordinator for Chowan Tutoring
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Ashley Barmer|
Admissions Counselor
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Jasmine Basnight
Jasmine Basnight|
Area Director for Residence Life
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Zoe Beale
Zoë Beale|
Interim Director of Public Relations;
Digital and Social Media Coordinator
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Annae Beekman|
Adjunct Instructor, Graphic Design
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Ella Benson
Dr. Ella Benson|
Dean of Accessibility Services; Professor of Education;
Coordinator, Master of Arts in Teaching
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Lisa Bland
Lisa Bland|
Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine and Operations
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MeChelle Blunt|
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Wendy Blythe
Wendy Blythe|
Assistant VP of Accounting
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Sarah Bonner
Sarah Bonner|
Interim Director of Library Services;
Reference Librarian; Instruction Coordinator; Assistant Professor
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Alegra Boone
Alegrea Boone|
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J Brabban II
Dr. J Brabban II|
Professor of Religion Emeritus
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Barry Bradberry
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William Bratcher
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Derrick Burke
Derek Burke|
Campus Police
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Jane Burke
Jane Burke
Show “Burke, Jane” entry details
Unilda Burke
Unilda Burke|
Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs
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Caitlyn Byrd|
Adjunct Instructor
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Evann Carpenter
Mr. Evann Carpenter|
Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Communications
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Troy Carrow|
Preventive Maintenance Technician
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Jordan Cartrette|
Visiting Music Instructor
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Ruth Casper
Ruth Casper|
Assistant Vice President of Student Financial Services
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Alex Chappell
Alex Chappell|
Director of Facilities and Grounds
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Samantha Chappell
Samantha Chappell|
Accounts Receivable Coordinator
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Frances Cole
Frances Cole|
Collection Services Librarian and Assistant Professor of Library Science
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Tom Collins
Dr. Tom Collins|
Professor of Sport Management; Chair, Department of Sport Science
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Christopher Cook
Dr. Christopher Cook|
Associate Professor of Music
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Elizabeth Cox
Elizabeth Cox|
Database Administrator
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Tomicia Crosby
Dr. Tomica Crosby|
Assistant Professor of Education
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Sara Crowder
Sara Crowder
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Bo Dame
Dr. James “Bo” Dame|
Professor of Biology & Physical Science
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Suzanne Daniel|
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Valeria Day
Valeria L. Day|
Director of Residence Life
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Frederick Deets|
Show “Deets, Frederick” entry details
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Joseph DeStefano|
Adjunct Instructor
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John Dilustro
Dr. John Dilustro|
Associate Provost; Professor of Biology; Dean School of Graduate Studies; Title IX Coordinator
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Theresa Dilustro
Theresa Dilustro|
Director of the Writing Center; Instructor of English
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Troy DuBois|
Grounds Supervisor
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Twyla Duke
Twyla Duke|
Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Advancement
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Kimberly P Earley
Kimberly P. Earley|
Financial Services Counselor
Show “Earley, Kimberly P.” entry details
Mary Earp
Dr. Mary Earp|
Assistant Professor of Education
Show “Earp, Mary” entry details
Melanie Eddleman
Melanie Eddleman|
Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
Show “Eddleman, Melanie” entry details
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Gordon Edenfield|
Show “Edenfield, Gordon” entry details
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Kelvin M. Edwards|
Adjunct Education Instructor
Show “Edwards, Kelvin M.” entry details
Thomas Ezeminger
Thomas Eisenmenger|
Assistant Professor of Information Systems
Show “Eisenmenger, Thomas” entry details
Grace Evans
Grace Evans|
Admissions Counselor
Show “Evans, Grace” entry details
Claudia Everett
Claudia Everett|
Public Services Technician
Show “Everett, Claudia” entry details
Shellee Fairless
Michelle Fairless|
Financial Services Operator
Show “Fairless, Michelle” entry details
Andrea Flowers
Andrea Flowers|
Public Safety Officer – Dispatch
Show “Flowers, Andrea” entry details
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Alyssa Flythe|
Store Leader
Show “Flythe, Alyssa” entry details
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Timothy Formica|
General Maintenance Technician
Show “Formica, Timothy” entry details
Jason Fowler
Jason Fowler|
Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
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Stephanie Furlough
Stephanie Furlough|
Associate Vice President for Business and Comptroller
Show “Furlough, Stephanie” entry details
Taylor Furlough
Taylor Furlough|
Coordinator of Student Life
Show “Furlough, Taylor” entry details
Charles Futrell
Charles Futrell|
Director of Printing Production
Show “Futrell, Charles” entry details
Torrence Gill
Dr. Torrence Gill|
Assistant Professor of Biology
Show “Gill, Torrence” entry details
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Pudden Gorlesky|
Show “Gorlesky, Pudden” entry details
Shelley Greene
Dr. Shelley Greene|
VP for Enrollment and Development
Show “Greene, Shelley” entry details
Jennifer Groves Newton|
Assistant Professor of Graphic Design; Chair, Department of Graphic Design
Show “Groves Newton, Jennifer” entry details
Ashley Archer
Ashley Gustafson|
Director of Annual Giving and Brave Hawks Club
Show “Gustafson, Ashley” entry details
Patti Hale
Patricia “Patti” Hale|
Life Skills Office Manager
Show “Hale, Patricia “Patti”” entry details
Jim Hammond
Jim Hammond|
Assistant Professor of Physical Education
Show “Hammond, Jim” entry details
Steve Harders
Steve Harders|
Professor of Communication and Drama
Show “Harders, Steve” entry details
Mary Harris
Mary Harris|
Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Business Affairs
Show “Harris, Mary” entry details
Timothy Hayes
Dr. Timothy Hayes|
Associate Professor of English; Chair, Department of English
Show “Hayes, Timothy” entry details
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Tandra Hedgepeth|
Show “Hedgepeth, Tandra” entry details
Hedrick, Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M. Hedrick, SPHR, SHRM-CP|
Associate VP for Human Resources
Show “Hedrick, Elizabeth M.” entry details
Mary Hellmenn
Dr. Mary Hellmann|
Professor of Music; Chair, Department of Music
Show “Hellmann, Mary” entry details
Christy A Horton
Christy A. Horton|
HR Generalist
Show “Horton, Christy A.” entry details
Mary Howell
Mary Howell|
Instructor in Information System
Show “Howell, Mary” entry details
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J. Ronald Johnson|
Music Adjunct
Show “Johnson, J. Ronald” entry details
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John Johnson|
Show “Johnson, John” entry details
Kyle Johnson|
Director of Information Technology
Show “Johnson, Kyle” entry details
Jon Kennedy
Jon Kennedy|
Director of Food Services
Show “Kennedy, Jon” entry details
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Dr. Douglas Lange|
Show “Lange, Douglas” entry details
Chris Langston
Christopher Langston|
Show “Langston, Christopher” entry details
Shonna Lassiter
Shonna Lassiter|
Admissions Counselor for Transfer, Adult Learner and Graduate Students
Show “Lassiter, Shonna” entry details
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Steven Lassiter|
Maintenance Supervisor for General Maintenance and Setups
Show “Lassiter, Steven” entry details
Bill Lassiter
William “Bill” Lassiter|
Director of Maintenance
Show “Lassiter, William “Bill”” entry details
Dejuan Lee
Dejuan Lee|
Staff Pianist/Accompanist
Show “Lee, Dejuan” entry details
Kyung - Hoon Lee
Dr. Kyung-Hoon Lee|
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Show “Lee, Kyung-Hoon” entry details
Meredith Long
Meredith Long|
Deputy Director of Athletics
Show “Long, Meredith” entry details
Jeff Loudin
Jeffrey Loudin|
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment
Show “Loudin, Jeffrey” entry details
Harri Lovett
Harri Lovett|
Director of Business and Industry Partnerships
Show “Lovett, Harri” entry details
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Alice Lyons|
Show “Lyons, Alice” entry details
Pat Mashuda
Patrick Mashuda|
Associate Vice President for Athletics and Compliance
Show “Mashuda, Patrick” entry details
April Matthews|
Manager of Business Services
Show “Matthews, April” entry details
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Dr. Benjamin M. McCarthy
Show “McCarthy, Benjamin M.” entry details
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Chad McGill|
Adjunct Instructor, Music
Show “McGill, Chad” entry details
Dr. Heather McGuire|
Distinguished Professor of Biology; Chair, Department of Biology
Show “McGuire, Heather” entry details
Will Metclaf
William Metcalfe|
Library Technical Services Assistant
Show “Metcalfe, William” entry details
Lauryn Meyer
Lauryn A. Meyer|
Sport Science Adjunct Instructor
Show “Meyer, Lauryn A.” entry details
Sam Miller
Dr. Samuel Miller|
Associate Professor of Mass Communication
Show “Miller, Samuel” entry details
Mary Mitchell
Dr. Mary E. Mitchell|
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Show “Mitchell, Mary E.” entry details
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Noel Mitchell|
Show “Mitchell, Noel” entry details
Danny Moore
Dr. Danny Moore|
Show “Moore, Danny” entry details
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Hallie Moore|
Adjunct Instructor, Graphic Design
Show “Moore, Hallie” entry details
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Martha Moore|
Show “Moore, Martha” entry details
Danielle Murphy
Danielle Murphy|
Admissions Counselor
Show “Murphy, Danielle” entry details
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Chad Nichols|
Show “Nichols, Chad” entry details
Mick Outten
Mick Outten
Show “Outten, Mick” entry details
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Dr. Julie Parker|
Show “Parker, Julie” entry details
Scott Parker
Scott Parker|
Director of Admissions
Show “Parker, Scott” entry details
Ashlee Perry
Ashleé Perry|
Assistant Director of Admissions;
Campus Visit Coordinator
Show “Perry, Ashleé” entry details
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Pamela Peters
Adjunct Instructor
Show “Peters, Pamela” entry details
Walt Pierce
Walt Pierce
Show “Pierce, Walt” entry details
Jennifer Place
Dr. Jennifer Zak Place|
Adjunct Instructor in Psychology
Show “Place, Jennifer Zak” entry details
Keith Reich
Dr. Keith Reich|
Show “Reich, Keith” entry details
Deborah Revelle|
Mail Center Associate
Show “Revelle, Deborah” entry details
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Benjamin Riddick|
Show “Riddick, Benjamin” entry details
Caleb Riggleman
Caleb Riggleman|
Interim VP for Business Affairs
Show “Riggleman, Caleb” entry details
Mari Rowe
Marielizabeth “Mari” Rowe|
Administrative Assistant to VP for Student Affairs
Show “Rowe, Marielizabeth “Mari”” entry details
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Christina Rupsch|
Adjunct Professor ;
Professor Emerita in Art
Show “Rupsch, Christina” entry details
Alan Scott|
Director of Career and Professional Development
Show “Scott, Alan” entry details
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Amy Swain|
Show “Swain, Amy” entry details
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Carol Swain
Adjunct English Professor
Show “Swain, Carol” entry details
Greg Taylor
Dr. Gregory Taylor|
Distinguished Professor of History
Show “Taylor, Gregory” entry details
Hunter Taylor
Dr. Hunter Taylor|
Associate Provost;
Dean of the School of Undergraduate Studies;
Associate Professor of Business
Show “Taylor, Hunter” entry details
Joy Taylor
Joy Taylor, RN|
Campus Nurse
Show “Taylor, Joy” entry details
Patsy Taylor
Patsy Taylor|
Associate Professor of Marketing
Show “Taylor, Patsy” entry details
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Steve Taylor|
General Maintenance Technician
Show “Taylor, Steve” entry details
Kay Thomas
Kay Thomas|
Senior Development Director; Director of Alumni Relations
Show “Thomas, Kay” entry details
President Rosemary Thomas
Dr. Rosemary Thomas|
Chowan University President
Show “Thomas, Rosemary” entry details
Brenda Tinkham
Dr. Brenda Tinkham|
Chair, Department of Teacher Education ;
Professor of Education
Show “Tinkham, Brenda” entry details
Richard Todd
Richard Todd|
Registrar; Adjunct Mathematics Instructor
Show “Todd, Richard” entry details
Truesdell James
James Truesdell
Visiting Instructor in Mathematics
Show “Truesdell, James” entry details
Joseph "Joe:" Valenti
Joseph “Joe” Valenti|
Desktop Support
Show “Valenti, Joseph “Joe”” entry details
Bernard Vaughan
Bernard Vaughan|
Show “Vaughan, Bernard” entry details
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Destiny Vaughan|
Accessibility Services Coordinator
Show “Vaughan, Destiny” entry details
Catherine Vickers|
Instructor of English
Show “Vickers, Catherine” entry details
Dr. Lia Walker|
Assistant Professor of Biology
Show “Walker, Lia” entry details
Whaley, Christopher "Chris"
Christopher “Chris” Whaley|
University Communications Graphic Designer
Show “Whaley, Christopher “Chris”” entry details
Garry Whitaker
Garry Whitaker
Show “Whitaker, Garry” entry details
Dr. Thomas Whitaker|
Professor of Mathematics; Chair, Department of Mathematics; Director of the Honors College
Show “Whitaker, Thomas” entry details
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Helen White|
Show “White, Helen” entry details
Rev. Mari Wiles|
Minister to the University;
Associate Dean of Students
Show “Wiles, Mari” entry details
Shannon Williams|
Associate Professor in Accounting
Show “Williams, Shannon” entry details
Job Williamson
Job Williamson|
Area Director
Show “Williamson, Job” entry details
Dan Wilson
Dr. Daniel Wilson|
Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership
Show “Wilson, Daniel” entry details
Pam Woodard
Dr. Pamela Woodard|
Associate Professor Criminal Justice; Chair, Department of Criminal Justice
Show “Woodard, Pamela” entry details
Brandon Zoch
Brandon Zoch|
Associate Vice President for Campus Life
Show “Zoch, Brandon” entry details