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How it Works

While financial aid is awarded on a yearly basis, students are billed per semester. Tuition and fees are billed based on student enrollment and housing selections.

Account Statements are prepared by the Business Office on a semester basis and made available electronically on MyCU.

*Please complete the financial aid process or financial aid will not be reflected on the student account.

To access your student account:
[1] – Log into MyCU

[2] – Click on Student (located at the top of the page inside the blue bar)

[3] – Click on the Business Office folder located in the left margin

[4] – Click on Course and Fee Statement under the My Account Info section

Chowan University provides you with secure online system to make payment transactions. You may also call Chowan University at 252-398-8031 or mail payment to Chowan University, Business Office, One University Place, Murfreesboro, NC 27855.

Tuition deposits of $100, which are credited to student accounts, are required before class registration each year.

Make a New Student Advanced Tuition Deposit

Make a Current Student Advanced Tuition Deposit

Make a Tuition Payment

Form 1098-T is available by January 31 each year for students who meet the IRS reporting requirements.

Forms do not include information regarding payments made; please consult banking records or online student accounts history on MyCU.

Chowan University offers short-term accident and sickness plans for full time students. The cost of the plan is assessed to full time students enrolling.

The coverage begins in mid-August and ends June 1st. If students currently have medical insurance and would like to waive out of the cost and coverage assessed by the University, you must complete the waiver before classes begin.

Chowan University is pleased to offer a short-term accident and sickness plan for full-time students. The cost of this plan is $440 and will be assessed to all full-time students enrolling in the Fall 2023 semester.  The cost is $280 for students enrolling in the Spring 2024 semester. New Students beginning their enrollment spring 2024 must complete the waiver as well.

If you currently have medical insurance and would like to waive out of the cost and coverage of the plan offered by the university, you must complete this waiver by August 25, 2023 for the fall semester. Students enrolling in the spring should complete this waiver by January 12, 2024.

Chowan University uses 1st Agency for its Waiver Form. Click here to provide proof of your current health insurance coverage, in order to prevent being charged for Chowan’s accident and sickness plan.

All Chowan University students are required by school policy to show proof of health insurance coverage to be used in the case of an emergency.

If you are an athlete seeking insurance to participate in university athletics, please contact Lisa Bland, Head Athletic Trainer, at (252) 398-6458. Please note the Accident & Sickness plan is separate from any needs related to the athletic insurance necessities.

Chowan University offers payment plans to students for tuition.  There is a $60 set up fee for monthly payments and no interest is charged.

Payment plans are set up per semester.  The monthly amount is determined by subtracting all qualifying financial aid from the anticipated charges for the year and divided by 10 months (July-April). The resulting number is payed over a 10 month period.

All residential students are required to participate in a meal plan.  To adjust your meal plan for the upcoming semester, log in to your MyCU account, and complete the Meal Plan Change Request form located under the Business Office section. For an adjustment to be made for the before the first day of classes.

The University provides the HawksCard, a one-card ID system with many uses. In addition to being your primary means of personal identification on campus, your HawksCard will be used for:

  • Entry access to your residence hall, the Jenkins Center, campus events, and checking out materials in the Whitaker Library,
  • Checking out games and equipment in the Hawks Nest and Jenkins Center
  • Access to your meal plan and Dining $ in the cafeteria and Murf’s
  • Access to laundry services and Laundry $ in the residence halls
  • Depositing dollars (HawksBucks) on your HawksCard, that you can use as you wish in the cafeteria, Murf’s, the Bookstore, or campus laundry rooms
  • Online Access (eAccounts) to deposit funds to your HawksBucks account and to check your HawksCard related balances

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Chowan University is committed to student academic success and access to required texts books is a critical step.

The Hawk Flight Book Program enables access to required textbooks and computer codes students must have each semester in pursuit of their academic goals.  Hawk Flight Book Program is designed at a low per semester cost which should save students as much as 50% on average over traditional textbook purchase programs.

Learn more about the program

This payment policy for international students becomes effective with international students entering the University for the first time, beginning fall semester 2024.

New international students enrolling in the fall semester are required to pay their annual net expected financial obligation, as documented on the I-20, according to the following schedule.

At a minimum, international students must pay their annual expected financial obligation to the University in three (3) payments on or before the following dates:

Down Payment of 40% on August 1*
2nd Payment of 30% on November 1st 
3rd Payment of remaining balance on March 1st 

(*) Failure to make the first scheduled payment (Down Payment) by the date indicated will result in the cancellation of the student’s I-20 and their acceptance to the University.

For students entering the University for the first time in a spring semester, 100% of the student’s expected semester financial obligation is due by December 15th , before the start of the spring semester.

All expected financial obligations for summer session(s) are due before enrollment and/or housing can be secured.

A student’s failure to keep their account balance current according to these payment schedules may result in the student’s suspension from classes, or it may prevent the student from enrolling in a future semester.

All other policies in the University Catalog relating to financial obligations will apply.

A student’s expected financial obligation will be calculated by the Business Office using charges based on full-time enrollment, residential status, and other applicable charges, to determine estimated total charges. Financial aid which the student is expected to receive will be deducted from the estimated charges to determine the estimated amount due. Actual charges and balance may vary from the expected balance as calculated.

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