Hawk Flight Book Program


Students Benefits

  • Students will have required course materials which will make it easier to be successful in class. 
  • Students are able to get all required course materials conveniently and affordably.
  • Students may apply financial aid or include the program in their monthly payment plan. 
  • Students can minimize the time spent searching for textbooks and do not have to worry about getting the wrong book or the wrong edition. 
  • Students will have the required materials as their classmates and teacher making it easier to study and learn.
  • Students average a 50 percent savings. 

Student Obligations

All students in the Book Rental Program must:

  • Meet their book rental financial obligations per semester
  • Return assigned books at the conclusion of the semester or at the point they leave or withdraw from the institution.  This includes returning the books associated with an incomplete course
  • Adhere to all program deadlines to avoid financial penalties
  • Return books in good reusable shape
  • Report damages to books assigned within 3 days of receipt
  • Understand that theft or loss books will result in replacement costs 

Frequently Asked Questions

If my professor has recommended course materials, will those be included in the program?

Only materials identified by your professor or school as “required” are part of the program. All recommended materials will be made available for purchase at your campus bookstore and efollett.com.

Will I get money back at the end of the year when I go to turn in my books?

To ensure the greatest savings for students, printed textbooks will be provided through a rental program. This will provide you with savings upfront rather than getting money back at the end of the term. 

I like keeping my books at the end of term; can I do that with this program?

After the term is complete, rented textbooks will be returned to the campus bookstore. However, you can choose to keep the book by paying an additional fee.