Marketing and Brand Management Submissions

It is increasingly important in today’s higher education marketplace to create a strong, memorable brand. In order to create this strong brand identity, Chowan University must express continuity in vision and voice in all that we do. The logo, visuals, and words we use to describe Chowan University will enable us to establish and maintain a clear, unified brand identity, both within the University community and beyond.

The use of the University’s name, logo, seal, McDowell Columns Hall, etc., for any products or goods by any department, office, club, organization, or team, whether for sale or free distribution, must be approved in advance by the Marketing and Brand Management Committee.

The committee will review the request, and a member of the committee will notify the contact person of one of three decisions:

  • Further details needed
  • Project proposal approved
  • Project proposal denied

Best Practices to Ensure Marketing and Brand Management Approval:

  • Represent Chowan in positive light
  • Use principles of good design
  • Incorporate at least two of the following three elements of the Chowan University Brand Identity (choose two):
    1. Primary Brand Colors
    2. Official Logos or Marks
    3. Official Fonts
  • Do not distort, alter, or change official logos in any way
  • Do not use retired marks or logos