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Chowan University Brand Standards

It is increasingly important in today’s higher education marketplace to create a strong, memorable brand. In order to create this strong brand identity, Chowan University must express continuity in vision and voice in all that we do. The logo, visuals, and words we use to describe Chowan University will enable us to establish and maintain a clear, unified brand identity, both within the University community and beyond.

The Brand Standards Guide provides general guidelines for the visual and verbal articulation of the Chowan University brand, as well as specific directions for the application of our logo and related elements. We recommend that you refer to this guide whenever you develop materials that will be distributed both within the University community and to the public.

The use of the University’s name, logo, seal, McDowell Columns Hall, etc., for any products or goods by any department, office, club, organization, or team, whether for sale or free distribution, must be approved in advance by either the Marketing and Brand Management Committee (for non-athletic groups) or the Athletics department (for athletic groups).  To request approval, complete a Marketing and Brand Management Submission.

The Chowan Brand

A brand is not a logo. it is not a tagline or a product. a brand is our reputation. the way we speak, the way we act, and the experiences had on our campus. every person and very department on our campus contribute to make up the chowan brand.

Chowan University Institutional Mark

The University Institutional Mark is for use in all areas of the University when communicating with internal and external audiences. The Institutional Mark must be reproduced from official artwork. If you have questions please contact The Chowan University Institutional Mark should appear prominently in all materials created by the university. 

As different communication pieces have different needs and requirements, two versions of the Chowan University logo are available for your use.

Chowan University Institutional Mark Vertical (or stacked) version
Chowan University Institutional Mark Horizontal version

Guidlines for the chowan university insitutional mark:

Use the Institutional Mark at a size that is legible, significant, and appropriate for the scale of the piece being produced. Legibility suffers if the Institutional Mark is reproduced too small. When the horizontal Institutional Mark is used, the total width should be no smaller than 1.5 inches. When the stacked Institutional Mark is used, the wordmark should be no smaller than 1.125 inches wide. Please do not attempt to create another version of the Chowan University logo. Please contact Marketing and Brand Management for assistance when the Institutional Mark may need to be reduced for specialty products.

The Institutional Mark must stand alone with sufficient clear space around it to allow it to be visible and to clearly show that it is an individual mark.

The Chowan University Institutional Mark may not be altered or changed in any way. These marks may not be incorporated into or combined with any other mark, symbol, or graphic to create a new mark.

The Chowan University Institutional Mark may not be used as a graphic screened in the background, cropped, blurred, or distorted in any way.

The image of McDowell Columns Hall (the building) and the other elements of the logo should always be white.

Chowan University Brand Book

design assitance

Chowan University Graphics Services has prepared templates for all common printing needs and is happy to assist with custom design work. 

Chowan University is the only officially approved vendor to provide print and design services to the University, as they are thoroughly familiar with all Marketing and Brand Standards Guidelines. It is highly recommended that you send design work to the department to ensure that your publications meet the standards set forth in this guide. You may place a work order by emailing Please be sure to include the following:

  • Requisition including deadline.
  • Account number to be billed.
  • Sample or mock-up for review.

All designs are subject to approval by the Marketing and Brand Standards Committee. Graphis Services will provide design consultation to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the product. An approval email from the Marketing and Brand Standards Committee must be submitted before Graphics Services produces the order.

Our Social Presence

For most of us, social media permeates our daily experience. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram influence our relationships, our perceptions, and our understanding of the world in which we live. 

It is important for Chowan University to engage in the social scene. Our current students, our prospective students, our faculty, and our alumni value our presence on social media and utilize these platforms to communicate with us on a daily basis. We strive to portray an authentic glimpse of life at Chowan through our social networks. As you join the conversation, here are a few guidelines to remember:

Tell a story. The best social media accounts are those that portray an authentic, winsome story. 

Be sensible. Use common sense when posting to social media. Be critical of your own posts and remember that everyone can see what you post.

Use photos. Photos are exponentially more likely to be seen than strings of text. Use your platform’s algorithms to your advantage.

Stay positive. Keep in mind that when you post about Chowan University, you are adding to the overall impression of the brand.

Give credit. Sharing from another entity? Give credit where credit is due.

Follow the style guide. While social media is a more casual outlet, keep in mind that we have guidelines for how we communicate as a University. Keeping these in mind will ensure consistency across our communication channels.

Cross-post. See something you like? Share it! This helps to bolster engagement.

Hashtag. Join ongoing conversation using the hashtags for current University campaigns. 

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