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The University provides the HawksCard, a one-card ID system with many uses. In addition to being your primary means of personal identification on campus, your HawksCard will be used for:

  • Entry access to your residence hall, the Jenkins Center, campus events, and checking out materials in the Whitaker Library,
  • Checking out games and equipment in the Hawks Nest and Jenkins Center
  • Access to your meal plan and Dining $ in the cafeteria and Murf’s
  • Access to laundry services and Laundry $ in the residence halls
  • Depositing dollars (HawksBucks) on your HawksCard, that you can use as you wish in the cafeteria, Murf’s, the Bookstore, or campus laundry rooms
  • Online Access (eAccounts) to deposit funds to your HawksBucks account and to check your HawksCard related balances

Mobile HawksCard

Your HawksCard…now on your iPhone, Apple Watch, and Android phones!

The new HawksCard Mobile ID is available to all enrolled students and current employees. Tap your iPhone, Apple Watch or Android at readers across campus to conveniently access your HawksCard. You’ll still have your physical card, and now you can add your HawksCard either to one iPhone and one Apple Watch, or one Android phone. A complete list of services can be found at the end of this document.

use and information

Entry Access
Your HawksCard is used as your access key to your residence hall. To open an exterior door of your residence hall, tap your card on the card reader near the door and the locking mechanism on the door will be released for a short period of time. Remember, do not prop open the exterior doors of your residence halls as you are compromising the safety and security of the entire building.

Your HawksCard ID Is required to enter into the Jenkins Center, to check out games and equipment in the Hawks Nest and Jenkins Center, enter campus events, and to check out books in Whitaker Library.

Meal Plans and Dining $
The University has added Dining $ to each of its basic board plans, including a new 10 Meal Plan created for, and limited to, residents of Whites Crossing. 
Dining $ can be used at your discretion in the cafeteria or Murf’s. Additional information about meal plans and Dining $ can be found in the Academic Catalog. (Note: Dining $ do not carry forward from semester to semester and are non-refundable to the student.)

Laundry Services and Laundry $
The University has washers and dryers in all residence hall laundry rooms. These machines can be activated in any one of three methods: 1) use of Laundry $ from your HawksCard, 2) use of HawksBucks from your HawksCard, or 3) quarters. Each residential student, excluding those living in the Whites Crossing apartments (Bldg. B), will receive $45 worth of Laundry $ per semester on their HawksCard (ID Card). These Laundry $ can only be used to operate washers and dryers in the residence hall laundry facilities. If Laundry $ have been expended, HawksBucks, if available, will automatically be deducted to complete the transaction. Note: Unused “Laundry $” are non-refundable and will not carry forward from semester to semester.

Another laundry related feature that the University has added is called “Laundry View”. This feature allows you to check on the availability of a washer or dryer from the web. You can also use Laundry View to see if your wash or dry cycle is completed. You can access “Laundry View” by going to http://www.laundryview.com and clicking on your residence hall. If you want to access LaundryView using a mobile device, go to http://www.laundryview.com/chowan.

HawksBucks is the do-it-all account! Laundry $ can be used exclusively at university laundry facilities and Dining $ can only be used only at Murf’s or Thomas Cafeteria for purchasing food. However, HawksBucks can be used to purchase goods and services at the Chowan University Bookstore, Thomas Cafeteria, Murf’s, and university laundry facilities. Unlike the other HawksCardaccounts (stored value account, i.e. Dining $), HawksBucks can be used for multiple purposes and money can be added to the account by anyone! To add money to your HawksBucks account or to view the balance of any of your HawksCard accounts, visit eAccounts online here

You, your family, or your friends may deposit funds into your HawksBucksaccount online. In addition to depositing funds in your HawksBucks account, you may also check the balance of your HawksBucks, Dining $, Laundry $, board plan activity, etc. To deposit funds to yourHawksBucks or to check your balances click here. First-time users will need to register their account to begin.

Registering for eAccounts
To begin using eAccounts for the first time, click here, then click on “Sign In.”. You may also get to eAccounts by going to the University’s Resource webpage and click on the eAccounts. Sign into the Microsoft login with your existing Chowan email address and password. On first login, you will be prompted to configure Multi-Factor Authentication through Microsoft. Follow the prompts to enter your cell phone number and enter the verification code you receive.

Once logged in, you will be able to view the balances in each of your HawksCard accounts. If you wish to add money to your HawksBucks account, simply click “+Add Money” under HawksBucks and follow the payment instructions. If you have difficulty registering, please contact the Business Office by e-mailing HawksCard@chowan.edu.

Guest Deposit
If a member of your family or a friend wish to deposit funds to your HawksBucks account, they can go to the eAccounts, and click “Make a Guest Deposit”. The person will need to input your first name, last name and Student ID # as it appears on your HawksCard and then follow the prompts.

Lost or Stolen Card
Report/return lost, stolen, or found cards immediately to the Residence Life Office (252-398-6237) or you may deactivate your card by going to the eAccounts website as described above and clicking “Deactivate Card.” Deactivated cards can only be reactivated by the Residence Life Office. To replace a lost card, visit Residence Life in Penny Hall. You will be assessed a $10.00 fee for a replacement card.

Policies and Disclosures
Your HawksCard is the property of Chowan University and serves as your official University Identification Card. It must be carried at all times and presented to University Officials upon request. Unauthorized use, reproduction, or alteration warrants confiscation and/or disciplinary action.

HawksBucks balances are only refundable to the student upon request as a result of separation from school or the end of the academic year. A fee of $3.00 per semester will be assessed against dormant accounts after students separate from the University.