Volunteer at chowan

Thank you for taking an interest in supporting Chowan University with your time, talent and passion. Explore the following ways you can stay involved!

executive partners

You have the opportunity to share your professional and personal experience and expertise with current Chowan University students.

Become an Executive Partner

The connections made in the Executive Partners program help prepare our students for a successful future, navigate uncertainty, and leave a lasting impact on our campus community.

As an Executive Partner, you will have the opportunity to provide student(s) academic guidance as well as career and personal development advice. Your insights on managing change and overcoming difficulty can have a deep and profound impact. We encourage alumni and students to connect on a regular basis (e.g., once-a-month phone call, in-person meeting when safe, or email conversation); however, the frequency and form of communication are things you can determine together.

The CU Alumni Council will have organized on campus events that will initiate the student/Executive Partner connection.  Whether you are right down the street or across the globe, we invite alumni from around the world to be part of the Chowan Alumni Executive Partners Program.

Provide internship opportunities

A strong internship program is a win-win for the Chowan student and the employer/alumnus. An internship is any carefully monitored meaningful learning experience in which an individual has intentional professional goals that reflect on what he or she wishes to accomplish through the experience. Developing an internship program is an excellent strategy for investing in your organization’s future successes, often leading to discovering future colleagues and leaders.

Employers benefit from a strong internship program.  One of the more significant advantages is the opportunity to select and develop your future talent. You have the opportunity to evaluate and screen potential employees prior to making a full‐time position offer, which leads to financial savings. If hired in a permanent position, previous interns assimilate faster to their new roles and have shorter learning curves than external hires.

Alumni, this is an excellent way to give back to your alma mater.  Please consider providing this meaningful service.

For more information, contact the CU Alumni Office.  We will assist in your needs.


As a CU Alumnus, why should I volunteer? Alumni who volunteer with Chowan remain connected and engaged with the university.  The relationship, which is interdependent, helps the Office of Alumni Relations fill critical roles.

  • Volunteers become lifelong partners with CU and remain connected and involved as well as staying informed and knowledgeable about happenings on campus.
  • Volunteers reconnect with fellow alumni as well as current students.  Networking may facilitate internships and job opportunities for both alumni and current students.
  • Volunteers promote Chowan among prospective students and their families.  These relationships support the growth of the student body.
  • Volunteers invest in the Chowan’s future financially and by participation.

Host an alumni event

The Office of Alumni Relations plans events throughout the region every year and we welcome the help of our alumni.  There are many ways that you can assist:

  • After business social hour at a local restaurant
  • Gathering at a home or clubhouse
  • Picnic at a park
  • A symposium (CU professor presenting) in a conference room
  • Alumni gathering to attend a concert, sports events, or exhibition at a museum

Alumni Relations is here to help.  We’ll send the invitations, post your event in social media, and collect the RSVPs.  We will also provide Chowan items that will help:  name tags, decals, pens, note pads, etc. for give-aways.

be a chowan champion

Alumni and friends join us for the Chowan Giving Day- Chowan Gives annually in the spring.  From Murfreesboro to Alaska; Palestine to Australia Cho-Champions have signed up to share their support for Chowan!   As a Champion, you will receive exclusive content and a giving link just for YOU—be sure to use your unique giving link and #ChowanGives on each social media post to track your personal impact in driving support for Chowan Gives – Day of Giving. 

refer a student

One of the most valuable gifts you can give to Chowan is to help recruit great students. Refer a student from your circle of family, friends and co-workers. Once connected with the Office of Admission, prospective students and their families will be kept informed of special opportunities to get to know the Chowan community.

Kay Thomas
Kay Thomas Senior Development Director; Director of Alumni Relations 252-398-6436

Alumni volunteers have the opportunity to give to Chowan while connecting with former classmates and current students.  What a wonderful outlet to support your alma mater.  These efforts not only benefit alumni but also benefit future generations of Hawks.  Come join the excitement and fun!