Alumni Awards

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recognizing our alumni and chowan community

Alumni and community awards

Each year, Chowan recognizes at least three alumni who have truly excelled in his or her chosen profession at the Distinguished Alumni Dinner which is held Homecoming weekend. 

The recognized alumni have made significant contributions to our society through his or her career or life accomplishments that are a testament to the work and mission of the University.  Distinguished Alumni recipients are recognized for supporting their alma mater through participation in events on and off-campus, board memberships, and financially.   

Nominations for Distinguished Alumni are made through the Alumni Relations Office.

Half Century 2021
Half Century Circle

Harold Babb
June Babb
John Bowles
Ray Carter
Barry Jenkins
Julie Jenkins


Gallery of Distinguished Alumni

Since 1848, Chowan University has educated thousands of young people from all parts of the globe. Many of these graduates have gone on to distinguish themselves in their chosen careers and in service to their communities.

In addition to being featured online, The Distinguished Gallery of Graduates is located on the ground floor of the historic McDowell Columns Building at the heart of the Chowan University campus. This display recognizes those graduates who have set the standard for all Chowan alumni. We are honored to recognize them for their outstanding accomplishments. 


Half Century Circle for the Class of 1972 at Homecoming 2022.

25 Year Anniversary at Homecoming 2022.

homecoming 2021