School of Graduate Studies

Welcome to the School of Graduate Studies

The School of Graduate Studies builds on Chowan University’s strength in undergraduate education. For over 170 years, Chowan University students have excelled in a broad variety of academic disciplines and career fields. The School of Graduate Studies maintains this emphasis on academic excellence, service, and commitment to Christian higher education. Currently, Chowan University offers a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership and Master of Education.

Small classes, individual attention, and a faculty dedicated to teaching define the Chowan University academic experience. Graduate students will discover a challenging, academic environment of learning, mentoring, and professional growth.

Chowan University facilities are available to all graduate students, including Whitaker Library, the computer labs, the writing center, and the Jenkins Wellness Center. Graduate students also are encouraged to be active participants in student life by attending musical performances, plays, art shows, and athletic events.

Applications for admission are evaluated on a rolling basis throughout the year. Early submission of the application for admission and all supporting materials will increase the likelihood of being selected for admission.

Current Programs

Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership (MOL)
Master of Education (MEd)

Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership

The Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership provides graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary for upper-level management positions. The course work consists of a Foundation Core, an Organizational Leadership Core, and a Culminating Experience. The curriculum focuses on skills required for leaders to have a positive influence on their organizations. Candidates in the program are provided with an in-depth study of the organizational leadership and management concepts that are relevant to every manager, regardless of the organization or industry. 

The stated purpose of the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership program is to prepare leaders with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to further the mission of their organizations. Program graduates will have the skills to interpret and apply current research findings and conduct relevant leadership research. The program is designed to develop leaders that will positively influence organizations and communities through team building, financial stewardship, conflict resolution, and strategic planning. The courses require application and investigation through rigorous data collection and analysis.


The Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership degree requires 30 credit hours, with a research paper or internship project as a culminating experience.  The program consists of a Foundation Core, an Organizational Leadership Core, and a Culminating Experience.

Program Requirements (30 credit hours)
Foundation Core (9 credit hours)
OL 501 – Leadership: Theories, Practices, and Context Credits: 3 Hours
OL 502 – Scholarly Writing, Thinking, and Practice Credits: 3 Hours
OL 503 – Organizational Communication Credits: 3 Hours

Organizational Leadership Core (18 credit hours)
OL 504 – Conflict Management Credits: 3 Hours
OL 505 – Teams, Coaching & Mentoring Credits: 3 Hours
OL 506 – Financial Organizational Leadership Credits: 3 Hours
OL 507 – Leadership in Diverse Cultures Credits: 3 Hours
OL 508 – Organizational Development: Design, Intervention, and Evaluation Credits: 3 Hours
OL 509 – Ethics, Integrity, and Social Responsibility Credits: 3 Hours

Culminating Experience (3 credit hours)
OL 510 – Culminating Experience (Internship Project or Paper) Credits: 3 Hours

The 30-semester-hour curriculum for the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership will be delivered from the Chowan University campus with the primary mode of instruction is asynchronous online instruction. However, students will have the option to take up to 25 percent of the coursework via face-to-face and/or synchronous instruction. These sessions will be recorded and made available to students unable to attend in-person or remotely at the time of the class meeting.


Master of Education

The Master of Education in Elementary Education builds upon the University’s strong undergraduate teacher education program. The course work consists of a Professional Core, Elementary Specialty Area, and Portfolio/Product of Learning. The curriculum is based on the idea that a solid preparation will enable the candidates to become professional educators who serve as leaders for learning.  Candidates in the program are provided a foundation in diversity, assessment, research methodology, and 21st-century skills. 

The stated purpose of the Master of Education program is to prepare master teachers who have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to be reflective practitioners and life-long learners who have thorough understandings and working interpretations of the professional issues that impact the design, implementation, and evaluation of the elementary school curriculum. Program graduates will have the skills to interpret and apply current research findings and conduct relevant classroom research. Graduates of the program will be eligible to apply for the North Carolina M-Level license in Elementary Education. 


The M.Ed. program is specifically designed as a cohort program to be completed within 5 semesters. The degree requires 30 hours, with students completing 6 hours of coursework each semester.

Minimum Graduation Requirements (30 credit hours)

Professional Core (12 credit hours)
EDUC 501 - Action Research Credits: 3 hours
EDUC 505 - Diversity in Education Credits: 3 hours
EDUC 510 - Advanced Curriculum and Instruction Credits: 3 hours
EDUC 515 - Instructional Technologies Credits: 3 hours

Elementary Specialty Area (12 credit hours)
EDUC 502 - Analysis and Assessment of Student Learning Credits: 3 hours
EDUC 520 - Integrating Language Arts and Social Studies Credits: 3 hours
EDUC 521 - Integrating Mathematics and Science Credits: 3 hours
EDUC 530 - 21st Century Literacies Credits: 3 hours

Portfolio/Product of Learning (6 credit hours)
EDUC 540 - Leadership and Collaboration Credits: 3 hours
EDUC 541 - Graduate Product of Learning Credits: 3 hours

Each M.Ed. graduate student is assigned to a faculty advisor, who works closely with students as the student advances through the program. Advisors and other faculty will guide students as they conduct their action-based research projects and develop their graduate portfolios.

The M.Ed. admissions policy is designed to select outstanding students who have demonstrated both academic competence and teaching ability. Each application is considered in light of all completed academic work, undergraduate grade point average, letters of recommendation, and a statement of educational and professional goals.

Earn a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree and advanced licensure in a program designed to meet the needs of working teachers.

Apply for Admission

To apply to the School of Graduate Studies, applicants must:

  • Submit an  Application for Admission to the School of Graduate Studies. 
  • Pay the $50 non-refundable application fee. If paying with a check, make check payable to Chowan University. Applicants also may pay the application fee online by clicking here.
  • Submit an official transcript of all previous academic work beyond high school, to be sent directly from each institution attended.

Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership

  • Submit one letter of recommendation from a current or recent supervisor or faculty member that addresses your professional or academic abilities.
  • Submit a typed, two-page maximum, personal statement.
  • Submit a current resume.
  • Have a 2.5 or higher in all course work at the undergraduate level.

Master of Education in Elementary Education:

  • Submit three letters of recommendation pertaining to your teaching experience.       
  • Submit scores on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) or the Miller Analogies Test (MAT). Chowan University’s MAT code is 2564.     
  • Submit a typed, two-page maximum, personal statement describing your rationale for pursuing a career as an educator, along with your description of the personal qualities, achievements, and activities that will contribute to your success as an educator.
  • Submit evidence of “A” level North Carolina Teacher’s license or evidence of application for a license.
  • Submit a professional resume or c.v.

In addition to the above requirements, International students must also submit:

  • A satisfactory TOEFL score, unless English is the student’s native language or the language of instruction.
  • Transcripts, certificates, and/or diplomas from any institution outside the United States. These must first be submitted to World Education Services (WES) for evaluation before being mailed to the School of Graduate Studies. Application for WES evaluations may be found at
  • A Statement of Financial Responsibility, along with a letter from student’s or sponsor’s bank showing the amount necessary to cover one year of graduate study.
  • All application materials should be in place at least 90 days in advance of the beginning of the semester.

The Admissions Committee for the School of Graduate Studies will notify you of an admissions decision by mail after your admissions file is complete.

Administration and Staff

John Dilustro, PhD
Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean of the School of Graduate Studies
Scott Parker
Director of Admissions
Hunter Taylor, DBA
Dean of the School of Business and Design
Brenda Tinkham, EdD
Dean of the School of Education and Professional Stuides