Application to Participate in Chowan University’s Tuition Exchange Program (TEP)

Chowan University (Home School) participates in three exchange programs to give faculty and staff the opportunity to send their dependent children to a college or university other than Chowan University. While similar to Tuition Remission, Tuition Exchange is limited by the other college or university’s (Host School) ability to accept imported students. Completion of this form alerts Chowan University Financial Aid Office to your request to be a Tuition Exchange EXPORT. This application is not a guarantee of benefits. The Host (receiving) institution grants or denies tuition exchange, based on admissions criteria, space available, and timing (first-come, first-serve). Faculty or staff who wish to use one of the tuition exchange programs to attend a college/university other than Chowan University should complete this form and send it to the Financial Aid Office. 

Tuition Exchange is limited to undergraduate work, up to 8 total semesters or whichever comes first. Tuition exchange does not apply to graduate-level enrollment or study abroad programs.