The Journey Begins!

Murf’s First Stop
Murf began his journey at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. From there, he flew to Berlin, Germany. To get around Berlin, Murf frequented Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Berlin Central Station) where he took the S-Bahn and the U-Bahn to reach the sights of Berlin!

Sights of Berlin

The Brandenburg Gate
Murf stopped at the Brandenburg Gate, one of Berlin’s most famous landmarks. There, he got to see the snow before heading on to other famous sights such as Checkpoint Charlie, the TV Tower, and the East Side Gallery.
Murf at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany.

Time to shop!

Mall of Berlin
After a long day of seeing the sights, Murf took some time to relax and explore the Mall of Berlin!

Ready for some sun!

Queensland, Australia
After the cold of Berlin, Murf decided to take a trip to Queensland, Australia to visit Chowan alum Tiffany Price! While relaxing on the beach, he took the time to read through Tiffany’s new novel.

Murf’s return flight!

Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia
Murf returned to the US for a few quick stops, including Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia!

Where in the world is Murf? The sky is the limit for our fearless flying friend. Follow along as Murf explores the world!

Murf’s adventures will be documented and updated frequently so continue checking back to see just how far he flies. And now that you have a Murf of your very own, take him on an adventure! When you capture a photo, post it to social media and tag @chowanadmissions or use the hashtag #MurfTakesFlight with a brief description of where in the world Murf has managed to fly. You can also email Murf photos to Chowan Admissions at (be sure to include Murf Photo in your subject line).

The Story of Murf

Want to relive the story of Murf? Check it out below!


The Story of You

You’ve met Murf and given us a few details to help you adopt your very own flying friend, but we’d like to learn more about you! Tell us the story of YOU so that we can help you make the most of your Chowan experience.

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