Chowan University Scholarships

Scholarships are the most sought after form of Financial Aid. Listed below are various scholarships and grants available to aid Chowan students in the funding of their education.

Chowan Merit Scholarships
At Chowan University, we recognize and reward the hard work and talent of our students. Accepted students are automatically considered for one of the following scholarships:

President’s Scholarship worth $6,800 a year ($27,200 over four years)
Alumni Scholarship worth $5,300 a year ($21,200 over four years)
University Scholarship worth $4,200 a year ($16,800 over four years)
Opportunity Scholarship worth $3,400 a year ($13,600 over four years)

To apply, complete the application for admission, submit your official high school transcript, and submit your SAT or ACT scores.

Chowan Scholarships
Chowan University is committed to investing in rising student leaders. Scholarship recipients are leaders in their school, community, sports teams and churches. You could be eligible for one of the three Chowan Leadership Scholarships:

Leadership Scholarship worth $6,000 a year ($24,000 over four years)
Dean’s Scholarship worth $3,000 a year ($12,000 over four years)
Trustee Scholarship worth $1,000 a year ($4,000 over four years)

You are eligible for the Dean's and Trustee Scholarships if you are an incoming student whose application for admission is accepted into Chowan University. You are eligible for a Leadership Scholarship if you are an incoming student with at least a 2.7 grade point average and are involved in a leadership role. 

A short application, essay, and on-campus interview are required. Interviews are held on select dates in January, February and March. Your completed application is your registration for Chowan Scholarship Day. Apply online.

Chowan Athletic Scholarships
Chowan’s Athletic Department grants performance-based scholarships in all sports in compliance with NCAA Division II regulations and guidelines. Learn more

Chowan Christian Service Association
Students must complete the online CCSA Scholarship Application and must also seek a vocation in ministry.

Chowan University Performance Scholarships
Students must audition for a Performance Scholarship. Please contact Marion Foster at

Outside Scholarship Resources

State Aid

This aid is for residents of North Carolina and maybe be subject to additional qualifications.

NC Baptist Scholarship Program: The Baptist State Convention of NC believes in the value of Christian higher education and budgets Cooperative Program dollars for the North Carolina Baptist Scholarship Program. The NC Baptist Scholarship is renewable for a maximum of 4 years. Once the scholarship has been received, the student must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA to be eligible for the scholarship.


  • Membership in a church that is in friendly cooperation with the Baptist State Convention of NC (one year minimum student membership).
  • Complete the online application. This includes an approximate 300 word personal testimony and an approximate 600 word answer to this question: “Explain why the Cooperative Program is relevant to today’s generation." Note: Paper applications will not be accepted.
  • Submit a letter of recommendation from the student’s pastor (or his designee) on church letterhead. Mail the letter to the Scholarship Office, Baptist State Convention, P.O. Box 1107, Cary, NC 27512.

North Carolina Need Based Scholarship (NCNBS): The North Carolina Need Based Scholarship (NCNBS) program is available for North Carolina residents who qualify. Funds will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis. You must complete the FAFSA in order to be considered.

Hispanic College Fund: The Hispanic College Fund Scholars Program includes multiple scholarship programs which you can read about by clicking here. Each program has different requirements and deadlines. HCF will match you to the scholarship program which fits you best.

Luther H. Butler Student Loan: Students may receive up to $12,000 in a subsidized loan per school year through the North Carolina Baptist Foundation. Click here for more information.

Tuition Exchange Program

The Tuition Exchange Program may be used by any full-time employee at a participating institution. Employees should contact the TEP liaison at his/her home institution for specific eligibility guidelines. Student applicants must be admissible at the host/importing institution in accordance with regular institutional admission standards and must comply with all of the host institution's financial aid policies and procedures. Applicants must maintain good academic and social standing and satisfactory academic progress.