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Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice students can complete internships with any police department, correction facility, or shadow jobs in the courts.
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History, Pre-Law
Pre-Law Advisory Program
This program is a means of assisting students in meeting the requirements to get into law school.
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Chowan University was my home for four years and I created friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime. Professors worked with me, encouraged me, and that is why I am where I am today. No dream is too big and I am a perfect example of that.
Richard Whitted   |  US Secret Service
Richard Whitted

Learn by Doing

Students also connect classroom knowledge with real-world experience through membership in organizations specifically designed for students pursuing the Criminal Justice degree. The Chowan University chapter of the Alpha Phi Sigma National Criminal Justice Honor Society and the Criminal Justice Club offers students additional educational, service, and fellowship opportunities.

potential careers

Probation Officer
Victim-Witness Advocate
Forensic Science Technician
Police Officer
Correctional Officer
Private Detective
DEA Agent

Security Guard
Homeland Security
Secret Service Agent
Crime Scene Investigator
Computer Forensics Investigator
Immigration and Customs

Fish and Game Warden
Fraud Investigator
FBI Agent
CIA Agent
US Postal Inspector
Law Clerk

Advisory Board

The Criminal Justice Advisory Board (“Board”) was founded in 2022 to provide guidance to the Department of Criminal Justice leadership on professional best practices with the goal of ensuring that curricula and programs are adequately and effectively preparing students of Chowan University for professional success. Advisory Board members consist of distinguished community, educational, and professional leaders from across the justice-related field. Each Advisory Board member serves as an advocate for Chowan’s Criminal Justice programs while supporting departmental initiatives such as student scholarships, internships, guest speakers, and learning activities. This important collaboration enhances departmental planning and programming by maintaining professional relevance and the tradition of academic excellence in educating the next generation of criminal justice leaders at Chowan University.

Meet Criminal Justice

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Joseph DeStefano
Adjunct Instructor
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Chris Langston
Christopher Langston
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Pam Woodard
Dr. Pamela Woodard
Associate Professor Criminal Justice; Chair, Department of Criminal Justice
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