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Pre-Law Advisory Program

Students who are interested in the study of law many times confront myriad issues in preparing for their intended career.  The decision and the preparation required to pursue that career can seem too challenging and overwhelming.  The role of the Pre-Law Advisory Program at Chowan University is to assist students who are intending to explore a career in the legal field.  They will be exposed to the application processes for law schools and receive help with the application as well as support and guidance. 

Many students enter college with the belief that there is a “pre-law” major or minor that they need to be enrolled in to eventually enter law school.  There is no such thing as a “pre-law” major.  A student can obtain a bachelor’s degree in any discipline and still apply to law school upon graduation.   At Chowan University we want to help students by answering any questions they may have about the LSAT process and help them take positive steps toward an undergraduate career that would enhance their chances of being accepted into law school. 

In addition to serving as the Pre-Law Advisory Coordinator for Chowan University, Dr. Woodard also serves as the Sponsor for the Pre-Law Club which meets bi-monthly.  The Club invites speakers to come to campus such as local district attorneys, judges, and former students who have taken the LSATS and been accepted into a law school of their choice.  The Club works on gaining full understanding of the admissions process, financial aid considerations, choosing the best law school, and exploring all the pros and cons of practicing law in the millennium.  Practice tests and discussions are an essential and vital part of the club’s livelihood.

The Pre-law Advisory Program Coordinator’s office is located in Robert Marks Hall, Room 330 and is available to meet with any student who is interested in joining the club and who needs help and guidance with the pre-law process.  

From the first moment I came to Chowan, I knew that the History Department was for me. I had known that I had wanted to major in pre-law and found the perfect fit. The faculty make each individual feel special and they strive to help every student succeed. Whether or not they have formal office hours, the faculty love to sit down and talk with their students. Every class you take is a new experience. Each faculty member draws you into the conversation and helps you realize your own potential. There is never a dull moment in a history class at Chowan. Debates happen regularly and history comes to life. Lectures are not done through textbooks but by powerful presentations that help you understand the past. Each of the history professors have affected my education in various ways. It is because of them that I strove to be the best that I could be. I received my master’s degree at East Carolina University. I would not be the person I am today without each of the faculty members of the Chowan University History Department.
Jennifer Humphrey ’16  |  History Major  |  Legal Assistant
Jennifer Humphrey