Psychology, Applied Psychology

Psychology, Applied Psychology, B.S.

Chowan University’s Department of Psychology has several unique features that make it stand out from other undergraduate programs. We want you to find your passion. While our program includes a general foundation for all students, our wide variety of applied psychology electives allow students to gain a better sense of their particular area of interest. Applied psychology electives include Basic Skills of the Helping Professions, Introduction to Counseling, Group Process, Alcohol/Drug Studies, Interpersonal and Family Dynamics, Positive Psychology, The Psychology of Human Strengths, and Introduction to Applied Behavioral Analysis. Students also have the opportunity to gain direct experience with conducting research, which can result in publications in academic journals and/or presentations at professional conferences.

Chowan’s Psychology Department has an expert faculty that prepares you for employment. In my work with at-risk adolescents, my employer was astonished by my knowledge of human development and clinical practice.
Richmond Owusu-ansah