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Business and Design
Business and Design
It prepares both business and graphic design students to run their own businesses and to acquire the added skills in both areas when working for companies.
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Graphic Design Class
Graphic Design
Graduates with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design degree pursue careers in multimedia design, web design, publishing design, advertising design, art director, and creative director.
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For me, the program gave students everything they needed to not only compete, but excel in the real world job market and workplace scenarios –– in short finding a job and keeping it. Conversely, it is also about who you know, maybe even more so, and the program has a vast network of partnerships that trust the quality output of students each year.
Macaulay Chilaka, Jr. ’15  |  Fujifilm – Graphics Systems Division  |  – Product Demonstrator


The William A. Krueger School of Graphic Communications at Chowan University, housed in the Horner Graphic Communications Center, is a 40,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility that offers curriculum in both print and digital media from graphic design to finishing. This facility includes two fully equipped Mac labs as well as numerous student labs (screenprinting, flexography, offset printing, digital printing, packaging and structural design, photography, etc.). Our award-winning faculty and students have established the Krueger School as a perennial awarding-winning leader in the printing and packaging industry. The Department of Graphic Communications offers students a well-rounded and comprehensive educational experience in the graphic communications, packaging, and imaging industries.

The facilities in Green Hall include a fully equipped Mac Lab for art students featuring Adobe Creative Suite software, spacious classrooms for 2D studio work, like drawing, painting and printmaking studios with equipment for those disciplines, ceramics studio with throwing wheels, a kiln, and other work spaces, two art galleries which feature exhibitions by students and professional artists and a wood shop to create frames for artwork for Studio Art students concentrating in painting, ceramics, or printmaking, and the pre-art therapy track. Art-related fields such as graphic design or graduate studies can be pursued by graduates. The department supports the campus community by contributing to cultural awareness through providing exposure to visual art.

Visitng Executive
Academics, Alumni & Friends

Chowan University Business Department Hosts Sara Crowder for Visiting Executive Event

On April 4th, the Chowan University Business Department welcomed Sara J. Crowder, a financial advisor for Edward Jones, as the featured speaker for their Visiting Executive event. Crowder, who resides in Newsoms, VA, shared her valuable insights and experiences with the students, emphasizing the dedication required to pursue a successful career in the financial industry..

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President Thomas
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Mary Jo Thomas Establishes Scholarship in honor of President Rosemary M. Thomas

On Tuesday, April 2, Mary Jo Thomas, the mother of President Thomas, along with family and friends, announced the establishment of a scholarship in honor of Dr. Rosemary M. Thomas. This scholarship, a testament to President Thomas’ groundbreaking tenure as the first female President in Chowan University’s history, aims to support young women in their.

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2024 Hobson Lecture Honors 30th Author, De’Shawn Charles Winslow

The 30th annual Hobson Lecture, held at Chowan University, celebrated the literary achievements of De’Shawn Charles Winslow, an esteemed author from Elizabeth City. Winslow, known for his novels ‘Decent People’ and ‘In West Mills’, captivated the audience with his insightful storytelling and profound exploration of family connections. The day commenced with an engaging Q&A session.

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Jennifer Groves Newton Assistant Professor of Graphic Design; Chair, Department of Graphic Design 252-398-6472

Welcome to the Communication Arts Department at Chowan University. We offer the following degrees: B.S. in Graphic Design and a B.S. in Business & Design and a minor in graphic design. Graphic Design students graduate prepared to enter and gainfully contribute to a variety of communication-related fields that combine various media, art, and technology. These fields include but are not limited to graphic design, print and related media, broadcasting, sports media, fine arts, and art therapy. 

Our talented faculty members each bring real-world experience to the classroom, further expanding the student’s learning experience. Students can gain their own real-world, hands-on work experience through internship programs available in most Communication Arts degree programs further preparing students for their careers after graduation.

All Communication Arts programs require students to be highly engaged and involved in their learning. Most concepts are learned and perfected by completing projects – allowing students to not only gain required skills but fine-tune them and realize strengths to later direct career decisions. Students who enjoy hands-on, experiential learning should strongly consider the programs offered within the Department of Communication Arts. 

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Annae Beekman
Adjunct Instructor, Graphic Design
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Frederick Deets
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Jason Fowler
Jason Fowler
Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
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Jennifer Groves Newton
Assistant Professor of Graphic Design; Chair, Department of Graphic Design
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Hallie Moore
Adjunct Instructor, Graphic Design
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Pamela Peters
Adjunct Instructor
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Christina Rupsch
Adjunct Professor ;
Professor Emerita in Art
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