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Welcome to Information Technology

Chowan equips you for a lifetime of learning. The Department of Information Technology at Chowan University gives students, faculty, and staff the power to explore, question and research every imaginable topic. The university's long-term and substantial commitment to technology allows professors to share teaching resources and interact with students 24 hours a day. 

Technology also lets you communicate and connect with other students, faculty, and staff on campus and around the world. You can stay on top of your assignments, make sure all of your information is current, interact with prospective graduate schools and employers, and link up your gaming console for some downtime competition between essays and presentations! 

Students have access to a lot of multimedia, web, and cloud-based resources including:

  • 8 PC labs across campus with over 175 Dell computers
  • 4 Mac labs for Communication Arts students
  • Campus-wide WiFi and hard-wired Ethernet connectivity
  • Personal network drive to keep your educational files secure
  • Official Chowan University email account via Gmail, allowing universal access and UNLIMITED storage among Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+!
  • 500 FREE pages per year of cross-campus printing access and wireless printing for mobile users in select labs
  • Blackboard Learn supplies cutting edge course management to students and instructors
  • Blackboard Transact provides residence hall, Jenkins Center, and Perspectives entrance, meal plan tracking and Dining $ in the Cafeteria and Murf’s, projected student account credit balances (Bookstore vouchers), eAccounts deposit usage (HawksBucks), and Laundry credit using your HawksCard student ID
  • MyCU web-based intranet for student information including unofficial transcripts, class registration, important documentation, and Business Office accounts.
  • Basic tech support for student laptops, computers, and mobile devices

Useful links

Chowan University offers a free copy of Microsoft Office Professional for PC or Mac to all students, faculty, and staff.

Resetting your Chowan password

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I find my username and password?
A: Your account information and temporary password are sent to the email address you provided on your application for admission. Check your email for this information from the date you were accepted.

Q: How do I change my password if I KNOW my current password?
A: Log in at and choose Change Password. This will update the password for all Chowan systems, including Gmail.

Q: How do I reset my password if I FORGOT my current password?
A: Go to and follow the prompts. Resetting your password requires you to have logged in previously and configured your security information.

Q: How do I register my phone, tablet, or laptop on the network?
A: Your wireless device must be registered on the network before you can access the Internet. Connect to the ChowanU wireless network and open any Internet browser to register your device. Browse to a new page and follow the prompts to register. iPhones may need to disable Cellular Data for the registration process to work.

Q: How do I register gaming systems such as X-Box, PlayStation, and Wii U?
A: Game systems must also be registered to gain Internet access. From a registered device, go to > Resources > Information Technology > Register Your Game Device.

Q: How do I register Smart TVs, Amazon Fire, or Roku?
A: Multimedia devices use the same registration process as gaming devices. From a registered device, go to > Resources > Information Technology > Register Your Game Device. Chromecasts and the original Nintendo Wii will not work on our network.

Q: What about wireless printers?
A: The wireless feature of your printer must be disabled as they interfere with the wireless access points in the dorms. If your printer did not come with a USB cable, you should purchase a “USB A-B Printer Cable.”

Q: Do I really need to bring a computer to campus?
A: Chowan has over 175 public computers that are available to students until midnight each weekday and various hours on the weekends. Students have ample opportunity to use campus resources to complete work, though many prefer to use their own computer to complete work from the comfort of their room.

Q: What type of computer should I purchase?
A: Any laptop with solid state drive, 8GB RAM, and built-in webcam. Windows 10, Chrome OS, or Mac OS are supported.

Q: Does Chowan offer discounts on computers?
A: We offer a discount program through Dell:

Q: Where should I purchase Microsoft Office and what version is Chowan running?
A: Chowan has standardized on Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016. Office is available to all registered students at no cost. Go to and sign in with your Chowan email and password to get started.

Q: Can I print to campus printers from my laptop?
A: Yes, printers in Whitaker Library and McSweeney Hall are available for wireless printing. The library website has more info.

Q: How much can I print?
A: Each student receives $40 of print credit per academic year. Base rates are $0.08/page for 500 pages/year total. Discounts are available in some locations for duplex printing, and color printing is an additional charge. Additional print credit can be purchased from the Business Office in $5 increments.

Q: What cellular phone companies work best in Murfreesboro?
A: Verizon and US Cellular are the only companies that provide comprehensive coverage of the area.

Q: Where do I go for IT help?
A: The IT office is located in the McSweeney Hall basement. Office hours are 9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday-Friday


Sherry Duncan
Database Administrator
Jay Howell
Assistant Vice President for Information Technology
Kyle Johnson
Assistant Director of Information Technology
Carl Nicely
PC Technician