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Students who are interested in a career path in cybersecurity will want to consider adding our cybersecurity minor to your existing program.

Business and Design

It prepares both business and graphic design students to run their own businesses and to acquire the added skills in
both areas when working for companies.


Chowan University offers a 24 credit-hour economics minor.

Business Administration, Marketing

Positions include sales, advertising, public relations, retailing, market research, corporate marketing, internet marketing, and customer relations.

Business Administration, Management

Organizations are increasing the level of responsibility for all employees, making it critical for people entering the job market to have strong management skills.

Business Administration, Information Systems

Information Systems professionals manage the networks of hardware and software used to collect, filter, process, create and distribute data.

Business Administration, E-Commerce

The Program combines elements of information systems, marketing, and management to equip the students with the skills they will need to be successful in E-Commerce. 

Business Administration, Accounting

Our graduates pursue careers in public accounting, managerial accounting, financial advisory services, and banking.

Business Administration

All students study the common professional component that comprises our Business Core Courses.Beyond the Business Core, Bachelor of Science, students choose a specialization in at least one of five areas.


The B.A. in Business allows students to pursue a Business degree that has fewer technical requirements than a traditional Business Administration degree program.