Life Skills Testimonials

Hear from our alumni
Chowan prepares students to take initiative, demonstrate professionalism, and communicate with confidence – in all of areas of life.
“I wouldn’t trade my Chowan experience for anything in the world. The friendships and relationships that I made during my time in Murfreesboro have been instrumental in our success at Graphix Solution. We have developed great partnerships with organizations based on the “Chowan Connection.” I am reminded often, how much of our success goes back to my Chowan ties including having three highly talented Chowan alumni on our team.”
Stephen Dunn ’01  |  Founder  |  Graphix Solution
Stephen Dunn

Hear from our Alumni

Will Gurganus ’16 Criminal Justice 

“Chowan helped prepare me for my career in many ways. I majored in Criminal Justice..

Gerlisha Shipman
Gerlisa Shipman ’15 | Psychology 

“Working in Chicago addressing social issues and switching careers to teach started with the passion..

David Cross
David Cross ’19 Graphic Design

“As a marketing professional, I interact with people from all over the world on a..

MIkayla Luskin
Mikayla Luskin ’22 | Biology

“Attending Chowan has been instrumental in preparing me for my future career in PA (Physician..

Arrington Gavin
Arrington Gavin ’17 | Recreation, Wellness & Sport

“The benefit of being a graduate student of Chowan University is that I was prepared..

James Cameron
James H. Cameron Jr. ’22 | Exercise Science

“Chowan University prepared me for my career through its amazing professors who not only taught..

Nayson Tianga
Nayson Tianga ’20 | Graphic Design

“Chowan University played a significant role in preparing me for the design world. Through their..

Lizzie Stokes
Elizabeth “Lizzie” Marie Stokes ’21 | Education | MOL

“Chowan provided me with knowledge and strength to understand that a great education can change..

Richard Whitted
Richard Whitted ’18 | Criminal Justice

“Professors worked with me and encouraged me, and that is why I am where I..

Nick Khoury
Nick Khoury ’14 | Business Adminstration

“Chowan provided opportunities for me in and outside the classroom. Through my time on campus,..