School Counselor Scholarship

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**The deadline for this year has passed. We will begin accepting 2025 awards in September 2024. Chowan has several scholarship opportunities still available. Please contact the Office of Admissions to learn what your student qualifies for!**

High School Counselors play a vital role in the college admissions process. This $2,000 scholarship is available to high school counselors to award to incoming first-time Chowan University freshmen students from their high school.

The deadline for submission of students for this scholarship by high school counselors is January 15th of the student’s senior year. Awards may begin as early as September 1 of the enrolling student’s senior year.  For example, if the student is a senior for 2023-24 and enrolling in August 2024 at Chowan, the deadline to submit their name is January 15, 2024, and can be submitted as early as September 1, 2023. The scholarship is awarded over eight semesters at $250 per semester for up to eight semesters of continuous enrollment.

For information on how to award this scholarship and/or more details about the university, please contact the Office of Admissions at 252-398-6230 or

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