COVID-19 Notifications

In the more than two years since COVID-19 first affected our campus, the collective determination and resilience of Hawks Nation have been demonstrated again and again. The university has discontinued the campus dashboard updates and will rely on local, state, and national dashboard information. This communication includes links for the campus community to find up-to-date information:

COVID Data Tracker

North Carolina COVID-19 Dashboard | NC COVID-19 (

Vaccination Information | Albemarle Regional Health Services (

Chowan University has moved to a mask-optional status for all areas. As the semester progresses, we continue to monitor CDC guidance, adhere to CDC requirements. and Governor Cooper’s executive mandates. Wearing masks does help contain the spread of disease, and so we also encourage wearing a mask if one is so inclined to do so, and we ask that we all be courteous and respectful of anyone who elects to wear a mask. 

On August 11, 2022, the CDC updated its recommendations for COVID 19 protocols and practices. You may view the updated guidelines here

Listed below are recommendations we encourage for our community:

Individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 or who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 are required to be isolated. Isolation begins the first day of the onset or the date of the positive test. We have isolation spaces on campus for students who choose not to isolate at home.

Comply with directives from University officials and public health authorities. Students, faculty, and staff are required to comply with directives related to monitoring, and adhering to isolation and quarantine requirements.  

Comply with local and state laws and ordinances. This includes state and local directives for masking and mass gathering limitations when off campus. 

When University and local ordinances are in conflict, members of the Chowan community must adhere to the more rigid set of requirements in regards to masking, social distancing, and mass gathering limitations. 

Though vaccines are not required, they have proven to be effective and are the best protection we have. We encourage everyone who can be vaccinated to do so for the health and safety of themselves, others, and this place.  

The top priority of the University is the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and campus community.  The University will continue to develop and revise guidelines that address the expectations of all members of the community, personal safety practices, workplace environments, emotional wellbeing, on-campus visitors, modifications of facilities, and workplace education as we continue on-campus life

Care for self. Care for others. Care for the community.  Protect our nest!

Notification of Symptoms Protocol ​

All students, faculty, and staff who report COVID-19 symptoms or who are exposed to the virus must follow the testing, contact tracing, and quarantine protocols established by Chowan University. 


If you feel ill or experience symptoms of COVID-19:

AVOID all contact with others. Stay at home or in your room. Do not go to class, work, dining halls, etc.
CALL to self-identify. 
Call the Office of Student Affairs at 252-398- 1227 between 9 am and 4 pm and our staff will assess you. 
If after hours or on the weekend, please call Public Safety at 252-398-1234. Please share your mobile number with them and Public safety will contact our health provider with your phone number and location. Our health provider will call the student and assess.
TRANSITION to a temporary self-Isolation space if you are directed to by our health provider. If so, Residence Life will coordinate the isolation space with you and the CARES Team will review services available to you while in self-isolation

Remember to protect yourself and others, you must ACT if you have symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19. 

If a student tests positive while on campus, and if they are able to travel home by personal vehicle, they will be encouraged to do so. The CDC warns against mass transportation for anyone testing positive. If they are unable to leave campus, they will be relocated to our quarantine residence hall. Our University nurse will provide the necessary care and monitor them daily. Students in quarantine will be provided their meals and access to any services necessary to include, counseling, pastoral care, etc. If a student tests positive we will begin contact tracing to test all persons they may have encountered in conjunction with the local health departments.  

Faculty & Staff:

If you feel ill or experience symptoms of COVID-19:

Employee reports Covid-19 exposure to supervisor 
Employee is sent home immediately if on-campus or remains at home if not on campus
Human Resources alerted to the situation by the supervisor and responds by contacting our health provider to being the exposure evaluation process. 
Human Resources completes a documented confidential log on the medical event, specifying date/time frame, event details, resolution.

Full Employee details are available at 

COVID-19 Case Alerts Protocol

Chowan University relies on the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, known commonly as the Clery Act, to guide communications decisions regarding confirmed COVID-19 cases. 

Per the Clery Act, Chowan University will post a campus notification when 1) a public health agency has confirmed via a COVID-19 test that a member of the community has the virus AND 2) the individual was recently on the campus. Chowan University will conduct contact tracing for student or employee cases that fit these criteria in conjunction with the local health department. Under HIPAA and FERPA regulations, Chowan University is unable to provide details about individual cases. 

Protocols may change. Please continue to check this page for updates.

Spring 2022 statistics

Below are the cumulative statistics from January 2022 through May 2022. 

Employee cumulative positive confirmed cases on-campus


Student cumulative positive confirmed cases on-campus


Fall 2021 statistics

Below are the cumulative statistics from August 2021 through December 2021. 

Employee cumulative positive confirmed cases on-campus


Student cumulative positive confirmed cases on-campus


spring 2021 statistics

Below are the cumulative statistics from January 2021 through July 2021. 

Employee cumulative positive confirmed cases on-campus


Student cumulative positive confirmed cases on-campus


Fall 2020 Statistics

Chowan University was notified of the following COVID-19 positive cases of students and employees on-campus from March 2020 through December 2020.  The University began remote instruction after spring break in March 2020 through the remainder of the spring 2020 semester.  On-campus, residential education resumed in August 2020 through November 2020 with the remainder of the fall 2020 semester completed virtually as pre-outlined in the academic calendar.

Below are the cumulative statistics from March 2020 through December 2020. 

Employee cumulative positive confirmed cases on-campus


Student cumulative positive confirmed cases on-campus


If you are contacted by Chowan University Medical Staff for contact tracing, please answer all questions to assist in this effort and help control the virus in our community. Under HIPAA regulations, Chowan University is unable to provide additional details.   

*On campus is defined as a person who resides or works on campus and has tested positive for COVID-19 and is quarantined on campus. 
**Should an individual who tested positive for COVID-19 on campus choose to leave campus, the number is reflected in the cumulative positive, not active on campus counts. 
**These numbers did not reflect the number of students in quarantine out of the direction of medical staff but have not tested positive.