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Chowan University Graphic Services is excited to partner with Belmont Peanuts to offer cans of custom labeled peanuts for a limited time. Belmont Peanuts make great holiday gifts!

Orders due: November 30, 2023 at 5:00 PM

Estimated Pickup Date: December 15, 2023

Classic Sea Salt

Six 10oz Cans with custom labels: $55

Cooked to perfection in small batches and hand-tossed with premium Sea Salt, these peanuts will treat your taste buds to a taste from the country.

Chocolate Covered

Six 10oz Cans with custom labels: $75

Extra-large gourmet peanuts that have been cooked, salted, and coated with a delicious chocolate – a recipe for success.

Butter Toffee

Six 10oz Cans with custom labels: $60

Individual peanuts are tumbled with a sweet buttery candy coating, delivering a deliciously satisfying treat!

Honey Roasted

Six 10oz Cans with custom labels: $60

A sweet and salty combination is made by coating these peanuts with a light honey coating.

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