People of Chowan


People of Chowan

Featuring students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the University.

Tayler Thomas Tate

Tayler Thomas-Tate

Tayler is a senior Psychology major from Goldsboro, North Carolina. She shared:

At Chowan, I am an Admissions Student Worker and Campus Tour Guide, Honors College Member, Rotaract Member, Presidential Ambassador, Psi Chi Member, and Pi Gamma Mu Member. I chose Chowan because when I came to the campus for scholarship day I had the best experience! I immediately connected with everyone I met.  Starting with my admissions counselor, Scott Parker, who helped start my path at Chowan! I also have an older brother who recently graduated from Chowan in May. He experienced many wonderful things and I plan on doing the same as well! The best advice I can give to a student interested in Chowan is to GET INVOLVED. Since the campus is small it’s best to step out of your comfort zone and join a club/organization that you’re possibly interested in because you can network and meet new people. The more you communicate with others you can share ideas that could possibly help you in the future. My favorite professors would have to be Dr. Alt and Dr. Parker. I have had their psychology classes since I was a freshman and they’ve helped me grow as a student. I can go to them about anything and they can help me with whatever it could be. 

Patrick Krack

Patrick krack

Patrick is a senior Sport Management with a minor in Business Administration and Coaching from Nottingham, Maryland. He shared:

At Chowan, I’m on the baseball team, a Ministry Chaplain (Campus Ministry), in Honors College, a Presidential Ambassador, a Leadership Scholar, a CCSA scholar, and in the Alpha Chi Honors Society. I chose Chowan because it felt like a community. At Chowan, you have the opportunity to be a part of a variety of clubs, ministries, and activities that allow you to meet other students and faculty. Chowan wants you to enjoy your time as a college student and be involved in many different areas on campus. Some advice I would give to a student interested in Chowan is to take time to see if you could see yourself thriving at this institution. Although Chowan may not be for everyone, Chowan is a place that has tapped into my full potential as a student-athlete. My favorite classes have been with Ms. Taylor, who is a professor with the Department of Business. She genuinely cares about her students and is willing to spend extra time with you to help you with assignments or understand the coursework. Also, she is very engaging with the students during class, which helps keep everyone involved. Chowan has been a second home for me. It has given me friends that I will continue to be friends with after college. Chowan has also given me mentors and people that I can rely on if I were to ever need assistance mentally or spiritually.

Rachel Van Buren

Rachel van Buren

Rachel is a junior music major focusing on voice from Pittsboro, North Carolina. She shared:

I am in Chowan Singers, Chamber Choir, Honors College, Co-Vice President of the Honors College committee, on the board for Alpha Lamba Delta, and a part of Alpha Chi. I chose Chowan because Chowan had teachers that cared about the students and their academic success. Chowan is willing to help all sorts of different students and teach people with learning differences. I love that Chowan is a fun place to get to know people and there is a great community of people. If I were to give advice to prospective Chowan students, I would say to have a group of friends that are not part of your major. I enjoy hanging out with my honors college friends as well as my music major friends. One of my favorite professors is Dr. Moore. He is a lot of fun when he leads discussions for Honors Seminar and makes you think about your views and those of the others around you. My favorite experience on campus was coming back in spring 2020 when classes were online and having to make new friends who were stuck at Chowan during the pandemic. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends and having fun. After I graduate from Chowan, I plan to do graduate school with a group like YWAM and be a worship leader traveling around the US. Chowan has helped me to train my voice and sing and also learn how to not get frustrated with little things people might say. I am dyslexic, but I do not let that stop me from glorifying God in everything I do at Chowan!

Zyon Pye

zyon pye

Zyon is a senior business major from Chicago, Illinois. He shared:

I am a Business and Sports major from Chicago, Illinois. It is my profound pleasure and honor to serve as the Student Body President at Chowan University for the 2021-2022 Academic Year. I am ecstatic that you want to make yourself at home here at Chowan! It will always be one of my goals to promote and ensure the highest quality of life for students. As the Student Body President, I will be available to you as a resource, advocate, and friend. Feel free to say hello whenever we may cross paths! If you ever wish to chat, I respond to emails and messages around the clock! My role is to serve this student body to the best of my abilities and help you continue to thrive in this Hawk community.

A message from the 2021-22 SGA President, Zyon Pye:

To the Student Body, I will offer you three pieces of advice as you navigate your way through your college journey for this school year. #1 Eliminate the Box. At one point or another, we have all been told to think outside of the box, but what if I told you that we could ditch the box completely? Here at the University, you set the norms and you set the standard of what it means to be a Hawk. One of my favorite things about the University is that the close-knit community allows you to make it whatever you want it to be. We eliminate the box that once allowed ignorance and intolerance to be a norm, and we always strive to set norms of open-mindedness, acceptance, and inclusion.

Zyon Pye

  #2 Begin with the End in Mind. The name you make for yourself here will travel with you wherever you may go. Remember to begin with the end in mind and allow your intelligence, work ethic, spirit, and respect for others speak volumes about you before you even have to say a word. 

#3 Blossom and Become. One of my favorite quotes, by Christine Caine, reads “Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, but actually you’ve been planted. Bloom.” As a college student, sometimes it may feel as if you are going into a dark tunnel with no visible end. Here at Chowan University, you are never alone, as everyone and the University itself are “always becoming.” In your years here, you will grow and bloom into not only the individual that you want to be, but also the individual that you are meant to be. Here at the University, there will be times when you face challenges, but in the end we all push through those challenges together and grow as global citizens.

If we never tore fibers in our bodies, we would never grow muscles. President of Students, Dr. Kirk Peterson, continuously emphasizes this notion in saying: “We have a saying here that it is always a great day to be a Hawk, but here in this very moment, it is also a great day to become a Hawk,” and we do this together as a nest through collaboration and alone through reflection. Here at the University, you will continue to bloom, and you will become what you are meant to be along with the help and love of your Hawk family.

Please feel free to contact the Student Government Association by email at or my personal email @ . Feel free to stop by the SGA office located in the Hawks Nest.