McDowell Columns Building

McDowell Columns Hall

McDowell Columns Hall, erected in 1851, is an imposing brick and concrete structure, with eight massive columns and broad veranda, characteristic of the old South. Now listed in the National Registry of Historic Places, the building was named McDowell Columns in 1968 to honor and memorialize Dr. Archibald McDowell, President, 1848-1849, 1862-81, and his daughter Dr. Eunice McDowell, class of 1876. In 2008 the exterior of the building was renovated with beautiful landscaping planted. Today the building contains most administrative offices (president, provost, business office, and financial aid) and the campus bookstore. Turner Auditorium, which seats 650 is part of the complex and is the favored site of concerts and lectures. It is named in memory of the Reverend John Clyde Turner (1878-1974).