Spring 2021 Student Move-in

It is very important for you to come to campus during the scheduled times for move-in. 

All students will be given a COVID-19 test before you are given access to your room or permitted to move into your room if you are a new student. You must come during the scheduled hours. If you are unable to arrive when you are scheduled, please contact Residence Life as soon as possible, as you will NOT be able to be tested or given access to campus after hours. 

It is very important that we commit to caring for self, others, and this place. An example is being on campus when we are able to properly screen students. 

Saturday, January 16 – 9:00am – 3:00pm (New Students) 
Saturday, January 16 – Staggered Check-in for Returners
Sunday, January 17 – Staggered Check-In for Returners 
Monday, January 18 – 9:00am – 4:00pm – Approved Late Arrivals 

Athletic return dates will be communicated by the respective coaches. 

We will do our best to assist students who make arrangements prior to Check-In Days. Also, if you are flying to this area and need transportation to campus, you should contact Public Safety immediately with your flight information (burked@chowan.edu(link sends e-mail)).  Thank you for your cooperation for a successful spring semester on campus!


Below are important instructions regarding spring 2021 move-in. Please read it carefully to ensure a smooth move-in process.

Arrive on campus, using the main entrance to University Drive (the circle). 
Proceed to the second entrance of Dunn/Mixon/Simons Hall as directed by Public Safety. 
Remain in your vehicle, and upon arrival at the assessment tent, students will be assessed for symptoms and temperature.
Following assessment, students will be given a COVID-19 Rapid Test and proceed in their vehicle to the waiting line on Brave Hawks Drive as directed.
After the rapid test results are in, with a negative test, you will be given a pass to proceed to the Jenkins Center to complete the move-in process. Should someone have a positive test result, they will be given quarantine instructions. *Only students are permitted in the Jenkins Center.
Please exit the Jenkins Center using Lakeview Drive and proceed to your residence hall.

Please know, to ensure the safety of our campus community, you will not be permitted to enter any building on campus until you have been assessed and received your test result, this includes access to restrooms. 

Important notes: 

Brave Hawk Drive will be one-way traffic (from University Drive to Lakeview Drive).
University Drive (the circle) will be two lanes of travel, in the same direction (if in line for testing, please stay in the line to the right).
To move into Belk, students should return to the main entrance and proceed to Belk Hall normally, using the left lane of University Drive. Do not violate the one-way pattern.
To move into Dunn or Simons, students should return to the main entrance and proceed to Simons or Dunn at the officer’s direction using the left lane of University Drive. 


Please visit chowan.edu/checkin for more details.