Price vs. Cost

So how much does it "cost" to attend Chowan University?

The "price" for Chowan University for one year including tuition, room, board, and fees is approximately $34,380 (based on standard room, double occupancy, and a 19 meals-per-week plan). That makes the "price" approximately $17,190 per semester for tuition, room, board, and fees. The actual "cost" differs per student based on the FAFSA and other awards. Chowan offers a book rental program for $275 per semester for full-time students. 

Chowan University's Financial Aid Department awards over $30 million in aid a year. Through the support of private gifts from alumni, businesses, and friends, as well as endowment earnings, Chowan is able to charge tuition that is less than the actual cost of instruction.

Many students find that because of Chowan's financial assistance programs, we are as affordable as many state universities while providing 1-on-1 academic and support services by caring faculty and staff in a Christian environment that makes student success a priority.

All costs are estimated and subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees.


Tuition and Fees for 2018-2019

Tuition & Student Activities Fee (per semester) - $12,490

Fees for the Book Rental Program*:

Full-Time - $275 per semester
Part-Time - $135 per semester
Summer - $75 per course

Residential Fees (per semester)

Double Occupancy - 19 Meal Plan - $4,700
Double Occupancy - 14 Meal Plan - $4,535
Private - 19 Meal Plan - $5,550
Private - 14 Meal Plan - $5,385
Private - 10 Meal Plan (Apartment Rooms Only) - $5,295

Commuter Student Meal Plan (per semester) 

 86 Meals - $575

Part-Time Tuition (per hour) 

1-11 hours - $400

Part-time - Student Activity Fee - $50

Overload (per hour) - $400

Adult Degree Completion Program (rates start summer term) - $400

Summer School (Summer 2018) 

Tuition (per hour) - $400
Room (per term) - $400

Graduate Program - $400

Audit Fee (per hour) - $50

Independent Study (per course) - $400

Credit By Exam (per hour) - $400

Applied Music (per semester) 

Major (per semester) - $400
Non-Major (per lesson) - $400

Late Registration - $50

Graduation Fee

Undergraduate - $150
Graduate - $175

Car Registration/Parking Fee - $0

Chowan University does not charge out-of-state tuition.

*Note: All Chowan students are automatically opted into the program.  They may opt-out via a new program coming to MyCU.  Students who opt-out will be required to purchase books elsewhere.