Adult Degree Completion Program

Chowan University’s Adult Degree Completion Program is designed for adults who have family, work, and other responsibilities and want to complete their Bachelor’s degree in the evening and online. The program is convenient for adult students who wish to attend college in a manner other than a traditional day program.

Welcome to ADCP

The Adult Degree Completion Program (ADCP) at Chowan University offers you:

Convenience.  Classes are offered at our main campus in Murfreesboro, NC, with select courses at Halifax Community College in Roanoke Rapids, NC two nights per week, and online.

Financial Assistance. You may apply for federal and state financial aid programs. These programs help make your degree affordable. Additionally, many employers offer tuition reimbursement. An Adult Degree Completion Program representative will guide you through the financial aid process.

Reputable degrees. Chowan University meets the same accreditation standards as all major universities across the state and nation. Founded in 1848, Chowan University has a long history of graduating successful, well-prepared students.

Academic assistance. Our faculty is committed to ensuring your success through academic readiness workshops.

You will complete your bachelor's degree in Social Science, a degree which allows enormous flexibility when entering the job market. Current ADCP students are pursuing their degrees with plans to enter law enforcement, social services, graduate school, or to simply to have the marketability of a bachelor’s degree. You will take courses in criminal justice, psychology, sociology, history, politics, and other courses found in a liberal arts curriculum. This combination of courses will equip you with marketable traits, including written and oral communication skills, effective speaking, critical thinking, and the ability to be a lifelong learner.

Here’s a short list of the extensive career possibilities a Social Sciences degree from Chowan University offers: Law Enforcement, Education, Business Administration, Childcare Services, Guidance Counselor, Health Services, Journalism, Politics, Public Relations, Public Administration, Social Work, Non-Profit Organization Director, Research Assistant, Demography, Elder Care, Human Resources, Public Service, Area Studies, Librarian, Mass Communications, Curator, Archivist, Public Broadcasting, Public Affairs Specialist, Social Services Manager, Resource Management, Graduate Student (preparation for Master and Doctoral levels such as Law School).

Classes are normally offered two nights per week for a full-time student (Monday through Thursday). This format typically works for the working adult who cannot take classes in the daytime, but needs the individual attention and support found in a traditional classroom setting.

Learn More

If you have questions or if you would like to schedule a personal appointment with an Adult Degree Completion Program representative, contact Anna Eure, Admissions Counselor, Adult Degree Completion Program, at You may also call (252) 398-6498 or 1-888-4-CHOWAN.  

Applying for Admission

1. Complete the Application for Admission. There is no application fee.

2. Submit your official High School transcript.

3. Submit your official college transcripts from all college and universities attended.

Please note: In order for you to enroll in 100-level courses at Chowan University, no prerequisite courses are needed. In order to enroll in 200-400 level courses at Chowan University, you must meet course prerequisites as listed in the current Chowan University Catalog. Your transfer credits may meet these prerequisites. In order to determine if you have met a prerequisite requirement, you must submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended to the admissions office. Mail official transcripts to:

One University Place
Murfreesboro, NC 27855

4. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at If you need assistance, contact the Chowan University Financial Aid Office at or 1-888-4-CHOWAN. Chowan University’s school code is 002916. 

5. When all official transcripts are received, you will be notified of an admissions decision via mail within 72 hours.

Please note: When official transcripts are received, you will receive a transcript evaluation from the Chowan University Registrar’s Office. This evaluation will notify you of the amount of hours transferred into Chowan University. This evaluation will also help your academic advisor help you to create an academic schedule. 

6. Admissions will contact you and schedule a time for you to meet with an academic advisor. At this meeting, you will register for classes.

7. If your FAFSA is complete and your financial aid has been approved by the financial aid office, you will receive a financial aid award letter after you have registered for classes.

8. Classes begin in January, May, and August.

You must complete a minimum of 124 credit hours, 36 of which must be completed at Chowan University, in order to earn your bachelor’s degree. Credit hours taken at a Chowan University off-campus site cannot exceed 60 credit hours. You may take an unlimited number of credit hours, to include both traditional in-class and online classes, through Chowan University main campus located in Murfreesboro, NC.

Financial Aid

Chowan University is committed to providing an affordable education to our students. Our Financial Aid team can assist you in finding the resources to help you afford your education.

Tuition Deferment for Employer Reimbursement

Chowan University recognizes that many companies offer tuition reimbursement to their employees. While the student is ultimately responsible for the payment of their tuition and fees, Chowan has established the following policies to allow a student to take advantage of this employer benefit by deferring payment of all, or a portion, of his/her tuition and related costs.

To defer payment as the result of an employer’s tuition reimbursement plan, a student must provide the University with a letter from the employer, on official letterhead, certifying the student’s eligibility for tuition reimbursement. The letter should specify the conditions of reimbursement and must include the following:

  • The percentage of tuition that will be reimbursed
  • Whether the costs of books are reimbursable
  • Whether the company reimburses Chowan University or the student
  • Should Chowan bill the company directly and to whom
  • Whether copies of grades are required to be sent to employer
  • When payment or reimbursement will be made
  • Other conditions of the employer’s reimbursement plan

A new letter must be submitted for each semester that a deferment is desired. A copy of the employer’s tuition reimbursement policy is not sufficient documentation to receive an employee reimbursement deferment. In addition, the University reserves the right to accept or reject a student’s request to defer payment through employer reimbursement.

The employer’s certification letter and payment of any uncovered or past balance must be received by the payment due date to avoid any late or nonpayment fees. Payment of the reimbursable portion of the semester’s charges will be deferred until the student is reimbursed by his/her employer, or two (2) weeks after the final day of classes, whichever is sooner. Exception: Deferment of payment for a graduating student will not be extended beyond the end of the final semester. All account balances must be paid prior to graduation.


Danny Moore, Ph.D.
Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor of History
Anna Eure
Admissions Counselor, Adult Degree Completion Program Assistant