Taylor McElroy

Senior Admissions Counselor

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Chowan provided me with many opportunities to be successful while I was a student, and now even after I've graduated. Being an admissions counselor for Chowan will enable me to give you opportunities as Chowan did for me!

Advice from Taylor: My advice is to enjoy your last few moments in high school make the best of it, but start preparing yourself for you college at the same time, make a check list for everything you want to bring and check it all off until the check in date. Get excited for the best four years of your life!

Favorite spot on campus: My favorite sport on campus is in the front of campus in Squirrel Park, the tree swing. It's very relaxing on a nice perfect day. Watching everyone in Squirrel Park enjoy the day and me just listening to music and talking with friends.

Favorite college memory: I have so many, but the one that stands out the most was the Senior Dinner. That night spent with the Class of 2015 and also all the faculty and staff were great. Recognizing each student one by one at the dinner, and listening to the President  White giving us advice. It was such a fun  emotional night for me and my friends all the professors lined up congratulating us, as we rang the bell for the last time symbolizing we finally finished our undergraduate college career. We took pictures and cried tears of joy.

Favorite Chowan Memory: My best Chowan memory is all the pictures I've have that I can re-live those moments just by telling the stories behind it. Also, all the Chowan gear I've collected, from being a student, to being in clubs, being an athlete, and now working at Chowan. And lastly all the laughs and good moments that was created that became the best memories that I can never explain.


  • BA, Psychology, Coaching Minor, Chowan University

Areas of Responsibility

  • Admissions for students from Hampton Roads VA & west to Lawrenceville, north to Ashland