Nick Khouri

Associate Director of Admissions

Contact Information

(252) 398-6371

Working at Chowan University is another opportunity the school has provided me. Now, I have the responsibility to provide students an opportunity to be educated at Chowan. I am excited to open the door for you and your future here on campus!

Advice from Nick: Enjoy your senior year in high school, and be ready to make life long memories at Chowan! Do not miss our fried chicken Tuesdays!! 

Favorite spot on campus: My favorite spot on campus is Parker Hall, where I lived for two years and made so many memories with my hall mates and my roommate that will never be forgettable. 

Favorite College memory: My best College memory is when I was a student. My academic adviser, as well as my classmates, made a poster for me that says "Change...Yes, he will change." The poster has my picture on it. This poster was a reflection on me running for a student election on campus. My adviser brought it to my class and surprised me with it.

Favorite Chowan memory: Being far away from home, my family was not able to attend my commencement here at Chowan. My best Chowan memory is seeing my mentor and many faculty and staff members stand  when the Provost announced my name to receive my diploma. 


  • BS, Business Administration, Chowan University

Areas of Responsibility

  • Admissions for students from Maryland
  • Admission for students in Hampton Roads, VA and International Admissions.