Monique Staats

Assistant Director of Admissions Communications

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Advice from Monique: As you embark on this exciting new journey, take the time to acknowledge and appreciate your past, present, and future. Express gratitude to those who have helped you gain the opportunity to pursue higher education, and also give yourself credit for your hard work. Be mindful of the day-to-day experiences because they will become your treasured memories; get involved, connect with others! You have chosen to go to college to better yourself and enrich your future...believe in yourself because we believe in you!

Favorite spot on campus: It is so hard to choose only one spot on campus because there are so many beautiful areas! One of my favorites is the walkway that cuts through the center of Squirrel Park. The trees that line the walkway add to the beauty and provide shady areas to hang out on warmer days. As you walk towards the Columns Building and look around at the different buildings surrounding the Park, you can feel the rich history of Chowan. When you walk down the center of Squirrel Park, you are walking into the heart of a community that is invested in your success.

Favorite Chowan moment (so far!): Getting to meet everyone and seeing how passionate all of the faculty and staff are. Being a part of an institution where people truly care is so meaningful, and Chowan is that type of school. The fact that many staff/faculty are Chowan graduates says a lot about the type of community that exists here.

Favorite college memory: I was a transfer student, so I was nervous about starting as a Junior at my university; I thought I would have a hard time making friends since everyone already knew each other. However, starting classes and getting to know other students who were passionate about psychology (my major) was a lot of fun. I made friends quickly, and I still keep in touch with many of them to this day!


  • MA, Clinical Counseling, Point Loma Nazarene University
  • BA, Psychology, Therapeutic & Community Concentration, Point Loma Nazarene University