Mass Communication, Sports Media

Mass Communication, Sports media, B.A.

The Sports Media track of the Mass Communication program at Chowan University addresses the quickly expanding culture of media related to sports and the consumption of content by fanbases of various sports teams. Over the past decade, the advent of newer streaming technologies and social media has given sports fans unprecedented amounts of news related to their favorite teams, players, and activities. The demand for more content provides a remarkable opportunity for those with the drive and creativity to flourish in a field constantly looking for more information and analysis of sports people love.

Our program offers students the opportunity to build a skill set that will give them the tools to find a rewarding career in sports media. These tools enable the student to become leaders in their chosen arena. Whether their preferred field is in sports journalism, social media, sports broadcasting, or video production, the curriculum provided by the program gives students a solid foundation to establish themselves as a leader in that environment. The program accomplishes this by blending theoretical perspectives taught and skill training applied to real-world situations. This method of “getting your hands dirty” markedly benefits our students because they are involved in the entire process of planning the broadcast to the final product streaming on the sports field. This approach supplies students with all the means necessary to do more than compete within the industry but thrive in it by the time they graduate.