Divinity School Dean delivers apocalyptic heritage lectures at Chowan University

Dr. Robert Canoy visited Chowan University as guest speaker at the Taylor Religious Heritage Lectures and Chowan Christian Service Association (CCSA) dinner meeting.

Canoy’s two-part Taylor Religious Heritage Lectures took place Monday, September 24, and Wednesday, September 26. He was also the guest speaker at the CCSA fall meeting Tuesday, September 25. Canoy is the Dean and Professor of Christian Theology at Gardner-Webb University School of Divinity. He is a professor, researcher, author, and pastor.

Canoy’s lectures explored the mysteries of the apocalyptic Book of Revelation. Excitement radiated through his message as he acknowledged that Revelation frightens some people and others wonder if what they read was really in the Bible. “It has something profound and powerful to say to every one of us living in our own day and our own time, with our own back stories and our own histories, not the least of which is we all need to have experienced redemption – forgiveness of our sins –  and God has a plan, a way in which he lays that out for us most powerfully and dramatically,” he remarked.

On Tuesday, Canoy addressed CCSA scholars and donors. His message to the audience was based on Matthew 5:41, “If someone forces you to go one mile, go with him two.” He related a real-life story of a man’s success to the biblical parable in Matthew. The resonating theme was, “and then some…” Canoy explained the key to success is doing everything that is asked of you, and then some. He implored attendees to ponder the question, “If you do everything that our Lord has a right to expect of you, and then some, what will happen in this world and this community?” Concluding, “You always love more, you always give more, when you’ve been the extra mile.”

Canoy’s remarks echoed what CCSA scholar Hannah Henderson shared earlier in the program. Henderson, a local of Lumberton, NC, was at home when Hurricane Florence hit.  She was stranded for more than a week and unable to return to Chowan. She did the only thing she knew to do and joined with her church, Orrum Baptist Church, and the NC Baptist Men Disaster Team to serve those in need. Despite dealing with her own obstacles, she said, “When I serve other people, I get closer to God.”

The Taylor Religious Heritage Lectures bring leaders of diverse expertise and rich experience to campus. Dr. and Mrs. Hargus Taylor and Chowan University established this endowed lecture series in 1994. The CCSA provides scholarship assistance to students who intend to pursue a ministry vocation, and for mission trips both locally and abroad. For more information, contact Lou Ann Gilliam at 252-398- 6317 or GilliL@chowan.edu.

Amanda Bradshaw Sharpe | University Relations | alsharpe@chowan.edu

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Dr. Robert Canoy visited Chowan University as guest speaker at the Taylor Religious Heritage Lectures and Chowan Christian Service Association (CCSA) dinner meeting.