CU Athletics Hits Home Run In Classroom In 2018-19

The Chowan University athletic department celebrates a successful 20118-19 academic year and athletic season.  The conclusion of the year was marked by the Chowan University Annual Awards Day Convocation on April 24 and Student-Athlete Banquet on April 16.

Chowan student-athletes excelled in the classroom as six student-athletes received major awards.  Alyssa Born, senior volleyball member, and SheAyre Bowles, senior women's swimming member, earned the Order of the Silver Feather. The Order of the Silver Feather is given to those students who have been especially outstanding to their service to the campus community and whose loyalty to Chowan University has been extremely noteworthy.

Alyssa Born, a recipient of the Order of the Silver Feather, was awarded the Estelle Thigpen Superior Citizenship Award. This award is provided to recognize that student who has been an outstanding citizen within the university community throughout the year. This award is given for the contribution of time, effort, and energy for the benefit of the student body.

Jacob Hunter, a junior football player, was awarded the Faith in Your Future Award.  This award is presented to the student who best exemplifies the university's mission and vision by consistently demonstrating the ability to achieve his greatest potential in learning and service.

The Merit Award was presented to Treielle Pearson and Joanne Williams.  Pearson, a senior member of the football team, and Williams, senior women's basketball player, was presented with the award judged to have achieved at a high academic level in spite of obstacles which would have deterred or defeated a less determined or devoted individual.

Deputy Athletics Director, Meredith Long, received the Excellence in Leadership Advisor Award.  This award is given to the club advisor who exemplifies extraordinary leadership and dedication to the students of the organization.  The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee was awarded the 2018-19 Mission and Vision Cup.  The Cup is awarded to a campus club or organization that best exemplifies the mission of Chowan and is working in partnership with the University to bring us to our mission.

Sophomore women's swimming member, Grace Arredondo, was awarded the Excellence in Leadership Emerging Leader Award as a result of her demonstrated leadership ability and commitment to the Rotaract Club as the club president.

Sabrina Henderson, sophomore women's soccer player, was recognized as Chowan's Most Outstanding Female Athlete Award. This season, Henderson scored a team-high 11 goals and 27 points on her way to being the second player to be named Conference Carolinas First Team.  Her efforts led to her being named D2CCA Second Team All-Region, HERO of the Week, and Conference Carolinas Player of the Week.

Senior baseball player, Marquise Lanier, earned Chowan's Most Outstanding Male Athlete Award for his outstanding accomplishments on the field this season.  Lanier was named Conference Carolinas Co-Player of the Year and Conference Carolinas First Team.  Lanier picked up NCBWA National Hitter of the Week, NCBWA Southeast Hitter of the Week, and two Conference Carolinas Player of the Week honors.  Lanier led the team with a .403 batting average, 56 hits, 14 doubles, 15 home runs, and 44 RBI.

Cynthia Carrier, a senior member of the women's tennis team, was recognized as the recipient of the Dr. DeJesus Outstanding Student in Economics Award.  This award is presented annually to a student who has completed a minimum of two economics courses at Chowan with the highest average and has an interest in the field of economics.

Deja King, a junior member of the women's cross country program, was awarded the Joseph Lee Parker Scholarship.  The Scholarship is awarded annually to a student majoring in Sport Studies and based on academic excellence.

George Kattan of the men's cross country team was the recipient of the Senior Mathematics Award.  The Award is presented to the graduating senior with a major in mathematics who has the highest overall GPA.  Kattan was presented with the Dr. Patricia Williams Alpha Chi Chapter Member of the Year Award and the R. Clayton Lewis Outstanding Resident Assistant of the Year Award.

The Acheson Harden Mathematics Award was presented to Tristan Council, a sophomore baseball player.  The award is presented to a currently enrolled freshman or sophomore with the highest overall GPA who has completed at least six semester hours of mathematics toward the major, including at least one calculus course.

Jaime Calcagno, a junior member of the women's soccer and cross country program, was awarded the Mary E. Wood Science Award.  The award is presented to an outstanding graduate whose major course of study has been biology. Calcagno was one of 26 recipients of the Alpha Chi Alfred H. Nolle Scholarship given by the Alpha Chi National Honor Society.

Senior women's soccer player, Olivia Borer, was awarded the Doug Eubank Award.  This award is selected by the visual art faculty with at least a 3.0 GPA, demonstrates a strong work ethic, produces high-quality work in art classes, is active in departmental events and functions, and is a role model for fellow art students.

Three individuals were presented with the Chowan University Student Research Conference Award of Excellence: Reina Pozo (women's golf) for Best Social Science Paper, Lindsey Stigler (softball) for Best Professional Studies Paper, and Fernando Zuniga (women's soccer coach) for Best Graduate Paper.

Five student-athletes were named to the Senior Ambassador Award list: Olivia Borer (women's soccer), Alyssa Born (volleyball), George Kattan (men's cross country), Joshua Nicholson (men's lacrosse), and Courtney O'Keefe (volleyball).

Commencement Marshalls for the 2019 Commencement exercises comprise of 11 student-athletes: Jaime Calcagno (women's soccer), Mariah Coker (women's basketball), Angelique Gouin (women's tennis), Sarah Hull (women's swimming), Jacob Hunter (football), Tyler Jones (baseball), Deja King (women's cross country), Rebekah Langley (women's soccer), Shannon Park (women's soccer), Inecia Rolle (women's golf), and Lindsey Stigler (softball).

The softball team and men's soccer team were recognized as the teams with the highest GPAs during the 2018-19 academic year.  For individual sports, Angelique GouinArina Karbolina, and Julieta Lecce of the women's tennis team recorded the highest GPA among females with Justin Lough (men's swimming) tallying the highest GPA among male individual sport student-athletes.

Each year, President M. Christopher White selects male and female recipients for the Presidential Excellence Award.  On the women's side, senior basketball student-athlete Danielle Weldon was the recipient with a sophomore football player, Bryce Witt, claiming the honor on the men's side.

An estimated 400 student-athletes have participated in 19 sports and cheerleading during the 2018-19 year.  131 are members of honors societies, 80 are on the Dean's List, 52 are on the President's List, 82 are part of the Honors College, and 10 were chosen as Outstanding Student Awards.


Below is the complete list of student-athletes that belong to honors societies:


Alpha Chi

Grace Arredondo, Olivia Borer, Alyssa Born, SheAyre Bowles, Jaime Calcagno, Cynthia Carrier, Makayla Castro, Mariah Coker, Angelique Gouin, Sarah Hull, Jacob Hunter, Tyler Jones, George Kattan, Deja King, Rebekah Langley, Djordje Novovic, Courtney O'Keefe, Shannon Park, Ugljesa Portic, Louis Proulx, Megan Reid, Gaby Rivera-Garcia, Inecia Rolle, Denis Roule, AnnMarie Spiker, Lindsey Stigler, Mackenzie Taggart, Kevin Taylor, Nayson Tianga, Milica Vejnovic, Lee Wattam, Danielle Weldon, Joanne Williams, JJ Wojciki, and Fernando Zuniga.


Alpha Lambda Delta

Danielle Acree, Grace Arredondo, Edmond Aynedijan, JahKeria Bagby, Tyler Bembry, Alyssa Born, Jaime Calcagno, Noah Cartwright, Mariah Coker, Haley Cooper, Nicholas Cooper, Tristan Council, Chester Crowder, Rafael D'atri, Mallory Dunker, Charles Edwards, Kimberly Evans, Raven Finley-Flowers, EmaRae Flores, Asia Fort, Raydarius Freeman, Ryan Gallaccio, Kayla Gates, Jesse Gentry, Jasmine Gibson, Angelique Gouin, Ebony Graham, Sabrina Henderson, Sydney Henderson, Chris Hernandez, Antwuan Hicks, Sydney Hiner, Sarah Hull, Alyssa Humes, Jacob Hunter, Jason Jenkins II, Brooklynne Johnson, Tyler Jones, Hunter Kinion, L'leah Laing, Rebekah Langley, Jasmine Latney, Trenton Lee, Jada Lee, Justin Lough, Carolina Lucci, Mikayla Luskin, Kerrin Mailhot, Marissa Mann, Ryan Martin, Brandon Mayhan, Jamie McNicholas, Dorian Mitchell, Monae Moore, Meredith Morgan, Samone Morgan, Meghan Mutter, Trevin Myers, Sydnee Neal, Jordan Nicholson, Djordje Novovic, Connor O'Brien, Shaine Olmstead, Brittany Parson, Treielle Pearson, Lucas Pels, Corbin Robertson, Gus Rowland, Ashlyn Smith, Kelsey Sonntag, Leah Spiggle, Lindsey Stigler, Elizabeth Stokes, Kevin Taylor, Karly Timmons, Emily Trueman, Beth Walker, Danielle Weldon, Kenneth Wilkerson, Michaela Worthington, and Breona Young.


Alpha Phi Sigma

Miguel Hernandez, Jacob Hunter, Courtney O'Keefe, Genesis Oliver, and Daniel Whitener.


Beta Beta Beta

Susan Balladares, Jaime Calcagno, Angelique Gouin, Sabrina Henderson, Sarah Hull, Tyler Jones, Rebekah Langley, L'leah Laing, Jasmine Latney, Jada Lee, Carolina Lucci, Dorian Mitchell, and Joanne Williams.


Chi Alpha Sigma

Slater Bender, Olivia Borer, Alyssa Born, SheAyre Bowles, Torrence Brumfield, Robert Burns, Jaime Calcagno, Cynthia Carrier, Makayla Castro, Elliot Chadderton, Mariah Coker, Raven Finley-Flowers, Jared Fry, Cristian Fuentes, Angelique Gouin, Miguel Hernandez, Adam Howard, Lindsee Howard, Tyler Jones, George Kattan, Deja King, L'leah Laing, Rebekah Langley, Kietra Lloyd, Jamie McNicholas, Djordje Novovic, Courtney O'Keefe, Genesis Oliver, Ugljesa Portic, Louis Proulx, Megan Reid, Gaby Rivera-Garcia, Denis Roule, Toby Sims, AnnMarie Spiker, Lindsey Stigler, Kevin Taylor, Nayson Tianga, Milica Vejnovic, Lee Wattam, Danielle Weldon, and Joanne Williams.


Kappa Delta Pi

Gaby Rivera-Garcia, Travis Sabdo, AnnMarie Spiker, Lindsey Stigler, and Fernando Zuniga.


Kappa Pi

Olivia Borer, Charles Edwards, and Nayson Tianga.


Order of Omega

Arrington Bazemore.


Phi Alpha Theta

Ryan Gallaccio and Danielle Weldon.


Phi Epsilon Kappa

Susan Balladares, SheAyre Bowles, Makayla Castro, Raven Finley-Flowers, Angelique Gouin, Lee Wattam, and Bailey Zavala.


Pi Gamma Mu

Arrington Bazemore, Makayla Castro, Elliot Chadderton, Haley Cooper, Miguel Hernandez, Lindsee Howard, Jacob Hunter, Rebekah Langley, Jasmine Latney, Jamie McNicholas, Courtney O'Keefe, Genesis Oliver, Treielle Pearson, John Robinson, Inecia Rolle, Travis Sabdo, Danielle Weldon, and Daniel Whitener.


Psi Chi

Elliot Chadderton, Haley Cooper, Jared Fry, Merrix Hart, Lindsee Howard, Kerrin Mailhot, Jamie McNicholas, Shannon Park, Treielle Pearson, and Inecia Rolle.


Sigma Beta Delta

Alyssa Born, Cynthia Carrier, George Kattan, Louis Proulx, Kevin Taylor, Milica Vejnovic. and JJ Wojciki.


Sigma Tau Delta

Grace Arredondo, Alyssa Humes, and Mackenzie Taggart.


Sigma Zeta

Jaime Calcagno, Mariah Coker, Sarah Hull, Tyler Jones, George Kattan, Jasmine Latney, Jada Lee, Gaby Rivera-Garcia, and Isaiah Sanders.


Outstanding Student Awards

Alyssa Born, SheAyre Bowles, Cynthia Carrier, Mariah Coker, Jacob Hunter, George Kattan, Dorian Mitchell, Courtney O'Keefe, and AnnMarie Spiker.


Honors College

Harry Ardron, Grace Arredondo, Edmond Aynedjian, Taylor Bitting, Olivia Borer, SheAyre Bowles, Donald Bowman,Jaime Calcagno, Noah Cartwright, Alex Clabaugh, Mariah Coker, Haley Cooper, Nicholas Cooper, Tristan Council, Rafael D'atri, Lindsey Dalton, Jeleah Delancy, Mallory Dunker, Charles Edwards, Kimberly Evans, Raydarius Freeman, Ryan Gallaccio, Kayla Gates, Jesse Gentry, Jasmine Gibson, Alexis Grim, Sabrina Henderson, Sydney Henderson, Danielle Henry, Chris Hernandez, Ashley Hernandez

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