Join the Legacy Society

With planned giving, your legacy begins today.

At Chowan, we prepare students of promise for tomorrow, with faith that this is where their future begins. Through planned giving, you can help ensure that each future is filled with abundant possibilities.

For generations, the tree-lined walk through Squirrel Park to McDowell Columns Hall has ushered Chowan students into a brighter future. Those trees stand as an enduring symbol of the strength of a Chowan University education. The graceful boughs which have offered protection to countless students represent endurance, growth, and achievement beyond expectation. Like the roots of a strong tree --hidden, yet sustaining -- legacy giving is Chowan’s greatest hope for a long and fruitful future. The next generation of trees was recently planted to safeguard future Chowan students and ensure there will always be a generous covering as a legacy for tomorrow. 

We are here to help you plant seedlings that will allow your legacy to do the same. Avenues like gift and estate planning enable you to cultivate a philanthropic vision defined by your unique passions and values. Together, our future is full of abundant promise. Begin your legacy today!

For more information on the many ways to leave a legacy at Chowan University consult John Tayloe, Vice President for Development, at or 252-398-1232.

Chancellor & Mrs. White share about joining the Legacy Society

"After thirteen years, it's clear that we have found our home at Chowan. This school holds a very special place in our hearts, and we've honored this special place by planning and implementing a deferred gift to Chowan and taken our place in the Legacy Society.

In June 2014 we sold some property in Shelby, NC. We wanted to leave a legacy aligned with our passion for education and music. With the help of the Development Office, we donated the real estate to Chowan in order to create a charitable remainder unitrust. The remainder will result in a significant gift to the University.

Through our unitrust, we benefit and the university will benefit for generations to come. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. The agreement provides us with  income through the rest of our lives, and the charitable remainder will be given to Chowan to create two new permanently endowed scholarships, one for mathematics and one for music."

-Chancellor & Mrs. M. Christopher White

Planned Giving Options

Leaving a legacy at Chowan is a way to ensure you make a lasting impact in the life of our campus and our students. These gifts range from endowments to unrestricted gifts and include gifts of stocks, land, personal property, and life insurance.  Planning your future giving could be as simple as adding a line item to your will or adding Chowan as a beneficiary to your trust.

There are many giving opportunities available to assist you in achieving a desired outcome and more importantly make a lasting difference in the lives of our students.  Our staff can assist you in leaving a legacy at Chowan.  For more information on varying kinds of planned gifts and access to the distinguished Legacy Society which honors donors with on-campus access to events and other privileges, contact Vice President for Development John M. Tayloe, or 252-398-1232.

Plan your legacy today!