Student Life

There’s a lot more to college than just attending class and studying. College is a once in a lifetime experience, and you will not run out of things you can do at Chowan!

We encourage you to get involved with clubs and organizations on campus and find your place. Whether you’re acting with the Chowan Players, implementing new policy for the Student Government Association, performing in a musical ensemble, or leading your team to an Intramural Championship, there are plenty of things to do on and off campus to help you grow in wisdom, stature, and favor.

Every academic department has their own club and honor society! You can participate in your major or minor fields of study to live what you learn in the classroom and get to know your professors beyond office hours, seminars, and lectures. Of course, when you need a break from your academic pursuits, the Campus Programming Board (CPB) hosts movie nights, game nights, and more. Best of all, these events are FREE!

Chowan University students are committed to serving those in need not just on the local and national level but internationally as well. Campus ministry leads missions during spring break and summer break to areas of need all over the country and world.  Every summer, Campus Ministry partners with the Christian Activity Center in East St. Louis, IL as counselors. If you want to be a part of mission experiences, there are plenty of opportunities at Chowan University.

To see what we're doing, check out the Chowan University Student Life Facebook page.

Honor Organizations

Alpha Chi (All Disciplines, Third Year/Fourth Year)
Alpha Lambda Delta (All Disciplines, First Year Students)
Alpha Phi Sigma (Criminal Justice)
Beta Beta Beta (Biology)
Kappa Delta Pi (Education)
Kappa Pi (Art)
Order of Omega (Greek) 
Pi Gamma Mu (Social Sciences)
Phi Alpha Theta (History)
Phi Epsilon Kappa (Physical Education)
Psi Chi (Psychology)
Sigma Beta Delta (Business)
Sigma Tau Delta (English)
Sigma Zeta - (Mathematics/Science)
Theta Alpha Kappa (Religion)
Honors College Student Association

Campus Ministry

Campus Worship
Daughters of Most High (Praise Dancers)
Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)
Gospel Choir (IOP)
Mimes of God
Ministry Chaplains
Mission Trips 
International Justice Mission
Commuter Bible Study

Department Clubs

Chowan Players (Drama)
Computer Club
Criminal Justice
English-Creative Writing
NAfME (Music)
Phi Beta Lambda (Business)
SNCAE (Education)
Sport Studies and Physical Education
VISION (Graphic Communications)

Social or Service Clubs

Chess Club
Creative Writing Club
Hawks Screech (Student Newspaper)
International Student Club (ISC)
People of Progress
Rotaract Club
Smurf Pep Club

Performance Clubs

Chowan Players (Theatre)
Code Blue (Dance Team)
CU Colorguard
Dynasty II (Step Team)
Kouture Models (Model Troop)

Committee Organizations

Food Committee
Harvest Fest
Campus Programming Board (CPB)
Student Athletes Advisory Committee (SAAC) 
Student Government Association (SGA)

Didn’t see something you like, but have a great idea? Chowan University is committed to growing with you. When you get to campus, the sky is the limit for students with an entrepreneurial spirit who want to start something new to improve campus life. Every year students start new clubs and organizations – you can too.

Greek Life

Chowan University has an active Greek philanthropic presence on campus. These values-based organizations have created brotherhoods and sisterhoods of scholarship, community service, and character within the Chowan community.

Greek organizations offer members a unique connection to fellow Chowan students and alumni through respective brotherhoods and sisterhoods that continue beyond the university experience.

Available to Chowan University students are four sororities and three fraternities.

Alpha Kappa Alpha
Alpha Sigma Tau
Delta Sigma Theta
Zeta Phi Beta

Alpha Phi Alpha
Kappa Alpha Psi
Omega Psi Phi

Intramural Sports

Many students participate in intramurals because they want to play sports, but not at the intercollegiate level. They can compete with their friends, improve their skills, and participate in a wide variety of sports. Many students try to win the "Intramural Champion" T-shirt. Most importantly, intramurals at CU encourage students to become leaders on and off the field. 

Some popular intramurals include:

3-on-3 basketball
Extreme dodge ball
Indoor volleyball
Indoor soccer
Pick-up football
Ultimate Frisbee.

All are highly competitive and fun. The "intramurals champion" t-shirts are coveted. 

Squirrel Park, in the center of campus, is a hot spot for outdoor intramurals. Games can start up any time.  There's plenty of room for spectators who can sit on a swing under a shady oak tree. The Hawk's Nest is the place to be after finishing an intense game. It has Murf's Place Restaurant, TV and several ping pong and pool tables. The renovated tennis courts are good for students practicing with their friends. The Jenkins Center is the most popular hang-out among students. Many indoor intramurals are played there. It has a basketball court and a gym equipped with weights, treadmills, and other workout equipment. 

Many students give intramurals a try and find that they enjoy it.

The Jenkins Center


Jenkins Center is a state of the art wellness center that opened in 2002. Named after alumnus J. M. Jenkins of Murfreesboro the facility contains a gymnasium, aerobics room and a variety of exercise equipment and weights.

Student Government Association (SGA)

All students are automatically members of the Student Government Association (SGA). The SGA provides students the opportunity to participate in the operation of the university, to gain experience in democratic procedures, and to become actively involved in the planning and implementation of university-sponsored activities.

At Chowan University, students have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, organization skills, teamwork, and communication skill by participating in the Student Government Association (SGA). 

The SGA gives students the opportunity to gain experience in the democratic position, understand the operation of Chowan University and be involved in planning and making university-sponsored activities.

This experience is easy translated to "real world." Plus, it looks great on a resume.


Brad Cash
Director of Student Life
Kelsey Colvin
Jenkins Center Coordinator