Chowan University Gospel Choir


The Chowan University Gospel Choir is an auditioned, mixed vocal ensemble that is one of the branches of the university’s campus ministry. This group performs and represents the university for special ceremonies, concerts, worship services, concert tours and competitions both on and off-campus.

If you are interested in having the gospel choir sing at your event, please contact Minister of Engagment, Calvin Carter.

Membership in gospel choir

When a student holds a position in the Chowan University Gospel Choir, they are making a commitment to the ensemble and all of its rehearsals, performances, activities, rules, and regulations. Each member of the choir plays a crucial role and is held to the highest of standards. This includes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual standards when representing Chowan University, Campus Ministries and the Gospel choir.

It is important for group members to reach out to, communicate, and pray with and for each other on a regular basis. Mutual respect and understanding within the membership of the group allow us to achieve unity and produce emotionally expressive and motivating music. It takes hard work and dedication to make every rehearsal and performance successful. Building and maintaining confidence and trust in those around us ensure this success.

How to join the gospel choir

Any Chowan University newly accepted or currently enrolled student in good standing with the university,  Student Affairs, and has a grade point average of at least 2.0 is allowed to audition and become a member.

Chowan University Gospel Scholarships are awarded in various amounts to incoming freshmen or transfer students on the basis of academic record, character and musical talents regardless of their major. Students with financial need will be assisted in seeking additional assistance through the university’s Office of Financial Aid.

All candidates must be accepted before they can set up an audition.  Whether audition is in person or by video submission it will be reviewed by the Choir Director.

In-Person Audition:  You may use your own accompanist or recorded instrumental for prepared songs.

  1. Come to the audition prepared to sing and answer questions.
  2. Perform Pitch matching exercises, and scale warm ups
  3. Perform a song that best highlights your singing ability.
  4. Sing back an excerpt of a song taught to you for your voice part.

Video Audition: Be sure the full body is visible in the camera and voice is clearly heard.

  1. Have one device to play your instrumental and another device to record you

  2. Be sure that your voice can be heard with the accompaniment or instrumental and your full body is visible.

  3. Start the recording by stating your name, age, voice part, and the song you will be singing.

  4. Perform your prepared song

    1. If you are unsure what to sing, I suggest “Amazing Grace”, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”, “Total Praise”, or “It Is Well With My Soul”.

  5. Upload your recording and use the naming convention : “Last name, First Initial – CUGC AUDITION”

    1. For example If I, Calvin Carter, were uploading my audition video it would say : Carter, C – CUGC AUDITION.

  1. Must be accepted or enrolled as a full-time student pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree.

  2. Earn and maintain a 2.0 GPA

  3. Participate and remain active in Chowan University Gospel Choir

  4. Remain in good standing with the Student Affairs and the University

  5. Must successfully complete 24 credit hours in an academic year

  6. All scholarship recipients must live on campus.

The Scholarship Awards are not to extend beyond the fourth year unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Please Note: This award is intended to help fund the cost of your education here at Chowan University. Receipt of additional financial aid awards or change in your status with the institution may result in an adjustment to your financial aid award package and/or this award.

*The committee strongly encourages you to consider reducing your student loan burden. If you wish to make adjustments to your student loans, please contact the Financial Aid Office.*

  1. Information- Attend a choir recruiting day at your high school or church, ask questions, and learn more about Chowan
  2. Apply to Chowan – Follow the steps for admissions to Chowan (visit
  3. Complete scholarship application.
    1. Audition
      1. In-Person Audition: You may use your own accompanist or recorded instrumental for prepared songs.
      2. Video Audition: Be sure the full body is visible in the camera and voice is clearly heard.
    2. Visit and Tour Campus – Schedule a visit to Chowan to take a tour of the campus and complete the audition.

Interested students should complete the online application for admissions to Chowan University at

Then complete the Chowan University Scholarship Application to be contacted to set up auditions and get necessary material information at CUGCScholarship/apply.

Meet the minister of engagement

Calvin Carter
Calvin Carter

Calvin Carter, 2015 alumnus returned to Chowan University in January 2022 to fill the newly created position of Minister of Engagement.  

The newly established role of the Minister of Engagement is to assist the Minister to the University in enhancing and supporting the ministry to students at Chowan University through creative areas of student lead ministries and to assist the Director of Student Life with annual university events. The Minister of Engagement is also tasked with developing, recruiting, and leading the University’s first every scholarshipped Gospel Choir. 

Carter graduated with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Music and then received a Certification in Church Music and Worship Formation from Campbell University Divinity School in 2018.  He was most recently serving as an Elementary Music Teacher in Franklin City Public Schools in his hometown of Franklin, Virginia. He has performed at Carnegie Hall and The Lincoln Center in New York City as a soloist; Kennedy center in Washington D.C.; St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin Ireland; He has performed with 105 Voices of History National HBCU Choir; North Carolina Master Chorale; Distinguished Concerts International New York; and has sung with and directed a myriad of adult and youth choirs at churches in Virginia and North Carolina.