Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies seeks to provide the student with the skills and knowledge that will foster intelligent responses to the issues confronting citizens of our rapidly changing and culturally diverse global society. 

Welcome to Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies majors are encouraged to acquire a broad experience of world cultures; engage with the arts, humanities, natural and social sciences; and develop the objectivity of mind that will allow a critical analysis of and ethical response to the needs of our world.

Chowan University's Department of Interdisciplinary Studies is uniquely designed to allow students the freedom to establish a specialized major that is directly devoted to a student's individual interests and needs. These students can develop a personal concentration of studies tailor-made for those whose interests, plans, or abilities overlap multiple academic departments, in order to learn beyond the traditional boundaries of higher education that limit most other institutions. Students can use their previously earned class credits and graduate with a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree distinctly devoted to their talents.

By combining different courses from all over the campus, students can earn degrees in:

Fine Arts Studies, BA - By combining you passion for theatre, literature, music, art, philosophy, and religion, you can obtain your Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts Studies.

Humanities Studies, BA or Humanities Studies, BS Taking a blend of courses in English, Music, History, Religion, Art, and Philosophy along with the general education core could earn you a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in Humanities Studies.

Interdisciplinary Studies, BA or Interdisciplinary Studies, BS - You can take classes from several academic programs across campus – like Humanities, Social Science, Biology, Religion, and Philosophy – to receive your Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Social Sciences, BA or Social Sciences, BS  - If you are thinking about going to Law School, have an interest in politics, or prefer a life of public service, you can mix and match the Chowan University curriculum in order to graduate with either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in Social Sciences.

Or, create your own!

By going above and beyond the traditional boundaries of higher learning set in stone at most other educational institutions, Chowan can offer students individualized opportunities that they cannot find anywhere else.

Students of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies will graduate with a wide array of skills and experiences that will prepare them to prosper in a variety of situations with a broad range of academic skills essential to a rapidly changing and culturally diverse global society.


David Ballew, PhD
Associate Professor of History
Gladys DeJesus, PhD
Distinguished Professor of Economics
Steven Harders, MFA
Professor of Communication and Drama; Fine Arts Studies Coordinator
Danny Moore, PhD
Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor of History
Cynthia S. Nicholson, PhD
Associate Professor of English
John Samuel Pond, Jr., DMin
Chair, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies; Assistant Professor of Religion