School of Education and Professional Studies

Welcome to the School of Education and Professional Studies

Chowan University is committed to academic excellence in teaching, asking relevant questions, and service-learning. Chowan continues to uphold traditional Judeo-Christian values while remaining faithful to the historic principles of religious and intellectual freedom, the dignity and worth of each individual, an atmosphere of open dialogue, freedom of inquiry and expression, and a moral commitment to the pursuit of truth.

When students enter Chowan, they enter a community of learning, teaching, and faith. Chowan students receive a real-world, Christian education, where faith and learning are connected through internships, study abroad, community engagement, missions, and leadership opportunities. Because of Chowan's intimate size and close-knit, familial environment, students find that professors are accessible to them before, during, and after class. 

Unlike many state universities where graduate or teacher's assistants teach classes, all of Chowan's classes are taught by Chowan’s dedicated faculty, who are instructors and advisors employed to have faith in your future.

The Department of Criminal Justice provides excellent educational opportunities for learning in a nurturing environment, combining teaching with service. Criminal Justice majors at Chowan University will gain vital skills and knowledge in the areas of criminal delinquent processes, criminology, law enforcement, law adjudication, and corrections while evaluating the moral and ethical issues of public servants. The Department of Criminal Justice offers a Criminal Justice, BS and Criminal Justice, AA. 

Chowan University's Department of Interdisciplinary Studies is uniquely designed to allow students the freedom to establish a specialized major that is directly devoted to a student's individual interests and needs when the interests, plans, or abilities overlap multiple academic departments. By combining different courses from all over the campus, students can earn degrees in: Fine Arts Studies, BA, Humanities Studies, BA or BS, Integrative Studies, BA or BS, General Studies, BA or BS, Social Sciences, BA or BS.

The Chowan University Department of Teacher Education is dedicated to graduate students who are effective, highly qualified teachers and who are equipped with instructional strategies and pedagogy capable of educating all learners in a continuously changing world. The Department of Teacher Education offers the following degrees with licensure: Elementary Education (K-6), BS, English Education (9-12), BA, Health and Physical Education (K-12), BS, Mathematics Education (9-12), BS, Music Education (K-12), BS,  Science Education (9-12), BS, and Social Studies Education (9-12), BS and also offers an Education Studies, BS.

Dean and Chairs

Tom Collins, EdD
Chair, Department of Sport Science
Brenda Tinkham, EdD
Associate Provost for External Relations, Dean, School of Education and Professional Studies
Pamela Woodard, PhD
Chair, Department of Criminal Justice