Counseling Track

Similar to graduate level work, we include applied experiences in training, including role-plays and participation in group process activities, as an introduction to the field of counseling.  Our graduates are familiar with the DSM-V, a manual for diagnosis of mental health issues, which is usually not introduced until graduate school.  Thus, our students have an edge over many others in terms of entry level psychology positions and entrance into graduate school.

Our students, who have continued on to graduate school, report that these learning opportunities gave them a tremendous advantage in their graduate studies. Other students found that their knowledge and skills gave them an edge when applying for entry-level positions in the mental health field. If you intend to make psychology your major, you will need to work hard, but you will also find that we have fun and enjoy some exciting class activities!

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Ashley Doane, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Julie Parker
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Rachel Phillips, PhD
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Jennifer Zak Place, PhD
Chair, Department of Psychology, Assistant Professor of Psychology