History Department Testimonials

Jason McHenry, BS, Social Studies Education

I arrived at Chowan University as a non-traditional student looking to complete a degree in Social Studies Education.  I had attended college courses throughout my Navy career but felt I was going through the motions.  The first History class I had at Chowan was Interpreting History.  This was a collection of all History majors and would go down as one of my most inspiring classes.  These discussions reflected a Socratic seminar approach to learning and were led by all of the History professors.  The class was an introduction to the diverse learning styles I would see at Chowan.  It was also exciting for me to see the traditional college students continue the discussions as they walked to the dorms or vehicles.  I wanted to become an educator, and I hoped to inspire others to be like these students.

Throughout my time at Chowan, the History professors were accessible and encouraging while displaying a diverse collection of interests.  It is not uncommon to see students hanging out after class to talk more on a subject, or meeting their professors in their offices to continue them (I believe here is where I should apologize to Dr. Taylor for all the lunches he had to shorten because I just wanted to talk more about the topics of the day).  The support and encouragement from the History department continued throughout my time and into my Student Teaching practice.  I truly believe the experiences I had at Chowan, both in the History and Education Departments, enabled me to get multiple job offers and gain employment with Southampton County Public Schools within a month of graduation.  

Jennifer Humphrey, BS, History, Pre-Law Track

From the first moment I came to Chowan, I knew that the History Department was for me. I had known that I had wanted to major in pre-law and found the perfect fit. The faculty make each individual feel special and they strive to help every student succeed. Whether or not they have formal office hours, the faculty love to sit down and talk with their students. Every class you take is a new experience. Each faculty member draws you into the conversation and helps you realize your own potential. There is never a dull moment in a history class at Chowan. Debates happen regularly and history comes to life. Lectures are not done through textbooks but by powerful presentations that help you understand the past.  Each of the history professors have affected my education in various ways. It is because of them that I strove to be the best that I could be.  I am currently pursuing my master's degree at East Carolina University. I would not be the person I am today without each of the faculty members of the Chowan University History Department. 

The picture is from the 2017 study abroad trip to Germany. It's me in front of the doors where the 95 Thesis were nailed on the Church at Wittenberg.

Isaac Greer BS, History, Minor in Religion

I did not have many options in furthering my education after high school, but Chowan made me feel as if I could be anything I aspired to be. At first I came to Chowan as a Music Major, but I soon fell in love with the History Department. The variety of professors with different areas of expertise, backgrounds, and teaching styles kept me engaged. They encouraged a space for academic competition, intelligent discussion, and somewhere to grow as a scholar and historian.

The department boosted my maturity level from that of a high school kid to that of a young adult capable of conquering all of the challenges that life will inevitably throw your way. Constantly being around like-minded scholars only bettered and sharpened my mind. The History Department gifted me with professors who pushed me and supported me and with classmates that I will be friends with for life.

After graduating from Chowan University with my Bachelors of Science in History in May of 2017, I was blessed enough to obtain a job in my field at the International Civil Rights Center & Museum in Greensboro, North Carolina. One of my favorite memories at work is when the History Club, accompanied by Dr. Ballew, came and received a tour from me. My classmates and professor showed pride in me and thus strengthened the pride I have in myself. What I am most proud of is showing my fellow majors another route they can take with their degree and how to be successful in our field.