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Meet President Kirk E. Peterson

"My family and I are thrilled to return to Murfreesboro and Chowan University. We are eager to become reacquainted with members of the Chowan community, faculty, and staff and to become acquainted with those members we have yet to meet. Our family is blessed beyond measure to serve a remarkable university, its talented faculty, its dedicated staff, and its most important constituents: the students.

I am eager to begin work with a devoted staff, expert faculty, talented senior team, and remarkable Board of Trustees.  As Luke 12:48 states, "To whom much is given, much will be required." As a University community, we will always be reminded that we have been given a tremendous opportunity in educating and mentoring our students. Also, we are expected to assist in the intellectual, physical, mental, social, and most importantly, spiritual development and maturation of students. So as you can see, we have been given much and much is expected of us."

-Dr. Kirk E. Peterson


Dr. Peterson earned the Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Tennessee in 2000, along with a Master of Science degree in education with a major in mental health counseling, and holds a second Master of Science degree in education with a major in sports psychology earned in 1996. In 1994, he received the Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from University of Wisconsin-La-Crosse.

He is no stranger to Chowan University, for he served as a faculty and staff member from 2004-2010. During these years, he served as the Chair of the Department of Health and Physical Education, as the founding Dean of the Graduate school, and as Associate Provost.

Dr. Peterson also has experience as Senior Vice President and Interim President followed by President at Urbana University in Ohio.  After facilitating a successful merger of Urbana, saving the university from absolute closure, Dr. Peterson became superintendent of two private schools in Ohio. His breadth of experience as both faculty and administrator in higher, secondary, and elementary education uniquely prepares him to lead Chowan University.

Part of Dr. Peterson's vision for Chowan is to continue the effort to recruit and retain students as well as growing and improving the physical plant. He has a desire to work with the faculty to bring in innovative academic programs and work closely with the students to gauge their feelings and listen to their needs.

He and his wife, Rachel, are the parents of three sons: Caleb, Cody, and Justin.

President's Office Hours for Students

President Peterson invites Chowan University students to meet during office hours. Meetings can be with individual students or in groups of as many as three. Beginning in the fall semester, available times and a sign-up form will be available.

Office hour requests will be accepted in the order in which they arrive after approval from the Office. Therefore, a sign-up does not guarantee each student a time slot in the session. The Office of the President will confirm meetings through an email calendar invitation.

To ensure that as many students as possible have the opportunity to speak with the president, meetings will be limited to 15 minutes. Four 15-minute meetings will take place during each one-hour block, and students who are approved for the session will meet in the order in which they arrive.

All meetings will take place in the President’s Office on the second floor of the McDowell Columns Building.

Please use the form to sign up and provide a topic(s) you would like to discuss. Any matters that may be better handled by deans or other university officials (such as grade disputes, funding requests, or individuals seeking redress) will be redirected as appropriate.

President Peterson welcomes discussions of your ideas, perceptions, and experiences as a Chowan University student. 

Welcoming Dr. Peterson

“Dr. Peterson is a man of faith and integrity. He knows Chowan and her students. He believes in Chowan’s mission and values. He is a proven leader. In summary, the trustees believe that Dr. Kirk E. Peterson is the leader that Chowan University needs at this time.”

-Frank Rose, Chair of the Board of Trustees

“I commend the trustees on their wisdom in the selection process, I highly commend the new president. If the past is the prologue to the future, he will lead Chowan to unprecedented heights. I believe he is God’s chosen leader for this time in Chowan’s history.” 

-Dr. M. Christopher White, Chancellor 

"Dr. Peterson brings great energy and passion to every aspect of this University.  He is eager to help "make God famous" on our campus, as well as support our attempts to carry the Gospel to this neighborhood and to our global neighborhood."

-Mari Wiles, Minister to the University and Associate Dean of Students 

"I am a student worker at Chowan during the summer, so I had the privilege to meet and talk with Dr. Peterson before other students. My first impression of him is that he is “for the student.” He not only shared with me his vision for the university’s future, but he genuinely wanted to know my student perspective of Chowan."

-Alan Dume, Chowan University Student, Class of 2019

Office of the President Staff

Elizabeth Davis, Assistant to the President

Senior Staff

Kim Sherman Bailey
Vice President and Dean of Enrollment Management
Danny R. Davis
Vice President for Business & Finance
Patrick "Pat" Mashuda
Vice President for Athletics
Danny Moore, Ph.D.
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Montrose A. Streeter
Vice President for Student Affairs
John M. Tayloe
Vice President for Development