Science Department

Meet Academic Affairs

Dr. Ella Benson
Dean of Accessibility Services; Professor of Education
Meet Dr. Ella Benson
Dr. Tom Collins
Professor of Sport Management; Chair, Department of Sport Science
Meet Dr. Tom Collins
Jonathan D’Souza
Instructional Designer and Blackboard Administrator
Meet Jonathan D’Souza
Dr. John Dilustro
Associate Provost; Professor of Biology; Dean School of Graduate Studies; Title IX Coordinator
Meet Dr. John Dilustro
Jennifer Groves Newton
Assistant Professor of Graphic Communications; Chair, Department of Communication Arts
Meet Jennifer Groves Newton
Patricia “Patti” Hale
Academic Success Office Manager
Meet Patricia “Patti” Hale
Dr. Timothy Hayes
Associate Professor of English; Chair, Department of English
Meet Dr. Timothy Hayes
Dr. Mary Hellmann
Professor of Music; Chair, Department of Music
Meet Dr. Mary Hellmann
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Angela Holley
Administrative Assistant to the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
Meet Angela Holley
Dr. Heather McGuire
Distinguished Professor of Biology; Chair, Department of Biology
Meet Dr. Heather McGuire
Dr. Danny Moore
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Meet Dr. Danny Moore
Jennifer Place
Dr. Jennifer Zak Place
Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences; Professor of Psychology
Meet Dr. Jennifer Zak Place
Syble Shellito
Director of Academic Assistance
Meet Syble Shellito
Ed Snyder
Dr. Edward Snyder
Associate Professor of History; Chair, Department of History and Religion
Meet Dr. Edward Snyder
Hunter Taylor
Dr. Hunter Taylor
Dean of the School of Business and Design; Associate Professor of Business
Meet Dr. Hunter Taylor
Brenda Tinkham
Dr. Brenda Tinkham
Associate Provost for External Relations; Dean of the School of Education and Professional Studies
Meet Dr. Brenda Tinkham
Libby Whitaker
Elizabeth “Libby” Whitaker
Academic Success Coach
Meet Elizabeth “Libby” Whitaker
Dr. Thomas Whitaker
Professor of Mathematics; Chair, Department of Mathematics; Director of the Honors College
Meet Dr. Thomas Whitaker
Dan Wilson
Dr. Daniel Wilson
Assistant Professor of Organizational Leadership
Meet Dr. Daniel Wilson
Dr. Pamela Woodard
Associate Professor Criminal Justice; Chair, Department of Criminal Justice
Meet Dr. Pamela Woodard