Whitaker Library Computer Use Policy


This policy serves as a departmental addition to the Chowan University computer policies, Use of Computers and Data and Responsibilities as a Member of the Chowan Network Community, which are in effect campus-wide.

Chowan University computers and their resources are provided for the use of the Chowan University community, consisting of students, faculty, staff, and authorized others. Anyone authorized to use the campus computing resources will be provided with a username and password, and authorized computer users will be expected to know their username and password and to use those and no others, with the exception of self-changed passwords. (Use of Computers and Data, II.B.) Users without a username and password are not authorized and should not be allowed to use campus computing resources.

All library users, whether or not they are affiliated with Chowan University, require access to the library’s online catalog and specific library-provided information resources:

Effective date
April 25, 2005 updated July 21, 2011

Endorsed by the Director of Information Technology, Jay Howell 08/01/2011