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You and Your Advisor:
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Advising
  2. Issues You Should Discuss with Your Advisor
  3. Issues of Particular Importance to Freshmen
  4. Issues Important to All Students
  5. Issues Specific to International Students
  6. Issues Specific to Student Athletes
  7. The Honors College and Achieving Academic Honors

V. Issues Specific to International Students

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1. Do all international students have two advisors?
Yes, both advisors work towards the same goals: your successful blending with other Chowan students and you academic success at Chowan. The academic advisor works with you mainly in your field of study. The international advisor keeps track of your academic progress as well, but focuses on advising you about immigration requirements and directing you to the appropriate offices when need be. He/she would facilitate a study hall for international students having difficulty with their studies, and could arrange for someone to be your ‘conversational English pal,’ someone to help you become more comfortable conversing in English.

2. How many credit hours does an international student have to take per semester?
As an international student, you must take a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester and be in good academic standing with the university. If you enroll in fewer than or drop below 12 credit hours per semester, you will be deemed out of status and may lose your F-1 student visa. Check with the International Student Advisor for additional requirements.

3. How can I get a job or an internship?
As an international student, you must have approval in advance (see International Student Advisor or the Registrar).

4. Do you offer any classes designed to assist internationals with finding a job (resume writing, interview skills, or other related skills)?
There is no specific course for international students. BUS 324 (Business Communications) covers many of these topics. Skills you learn in this course you can apply to other disciplines. COMM 101 (Public Speaking) and COMM 102 (Voice and Articulation) will help you develop verbal communication skills. If you have any specific requests, please contact the International Student Advisor.

5. How can I use the International Students Club (ISC) to improve my English?
Although ISC does not offer English classes, it does offer international students an opportunity to practice their English informally. Joining other international students and some native English speakers will help students to become more comfortable with English. See your international student advisor for more details.

6. If I get sick during the semester, how can I find a doctor?
See the campus nurse in the Student Health Center (Penny Hall). After hours, call Public Safety: (252-862-5676).

7. Does Chowan University provide health insurance for international students?
You may purchase a plan from your home country that covers you for medical expenses incurred in the United States. If you do not provide evidence of that policy, you will be automatically enrolled and billed for a plan provided by CU. If you have questions about health insurance, you may ask the Business Office.

8. Does Chowan offer short-term accommodations during breaks?
Chowan does not routinely offer housing during breaks. However, you can make special arrangements in advance with the staff of Vice President of Student Life (Penny Hall). They will try to accommodate you as best as they can.

9. Do international students have to get their I-20 signed by the University before temporarily leaving the country (for vacation, study abroad, etc.)?
Yes. You need a valid travel signature on the third page of your I-20 at least once a year. Make sure to contact the Registrar’s Office for that signature before you leave.

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