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Financial Aid and Scholarship Links

Visit these related links:

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>College Foundation of NC
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>CU Scholarships & Grants
>NC Baptist Scholarship Program

FAFSA Simplification Tutorial

Eight Easy Steps to the FAFSA: A Student's Guide to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid:

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Loan Repayment Calculator

Calculate for lower monthly loan payments:

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Financial Aid Staff

Sharon Rose
Sharon RoseDirector of Financial Aid
B.S. Computer Information,
East Carolina University

I was born and raised in Bertie County, and my husband and I now live in Conway, NC. I graduated from East Carolina University in 1994, and I joined the Chowan University family in November 2006.

"The Chowan University Financial Aid Office is dedicated to providing individual guidance to students and parents like you! We are here to answer your questions about how you can achieve a quality education to support your academic and career goals."

Ruth Casper
Ruth CasperAssistant Director
B.S. Psychology, Chowan University

I chose Chowan four years ago to begin my college career. After I graduated in 2006, Chowan chose me to begin my professional career in the Financial Aid Office.

"My favorite part of working in Financial Aid is the feeling I get helping you obtain your dream of a university degree! If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me. I am more than happy to assist you with completing your financial aid paperwork."

Stephanie Furlough
Stephanie FurloughAssistant Director
B.S. Psychology, Chowan University

When I graduated in May 2008, I could not stand the thought of leaving my Chowan family.

"Being an alumnae of Chowan University, I have first-hand experience to help you maximize your financial aid. As questions about the financial aid process arise please don't hesitate to call!"

Leigh Anne Morris
Leigh Anna MorrisAdministrative Assistant

My husband and I chose to live here so we could raise our daughter in a small, caring community. This small, historic community feels like family and family is everything.

"I love working with students and parents like you. As a student and a mother, I understand your financial questions and needs. If you have questions about your financial aid awards or if you have received any outside scholarships, I'm here to help you!"

Patricia Holland
Patricia HollandDirect Loan Officer
B.S. Criminal Justice, Chowan University

As a student, attending Chowan University was a great experience for me. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work at my collegiate Alma Mater.

"I remember having a lot of questions about financial aid when I first started college and I know the process can sometimes be confusing, but you're not alone. I am happy to help you navigate the financial aid process."

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