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Financial Aid and Scholarship Links

Visit these related links:

>Federal Student Aid
>College Foundation of NC
>Loans for College
>Christian Service Application
>CU Scholarships & Grants
>NC Baptist Scholarship Program

FAFSA Simplification Tutorial

Eight Easy Steps to the FAFSA: A Student's Guide to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid:

>Click here

Loan Repayment Calculator

Calculate for lower monthly loan payments:

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Apply for Financial Aid

Welcome to the Chowan University's Scholarship Eligibility Calculator. This Calculator can determine the amount of scholarship money that you may be able to receive. The final scholarships awarded will be based upon your official academic credentials (SAT/ACT and GPA) and is contingent upon your application and acceptance.

Please fill in your self-reported SAT/ACT score and GPA and click the "Submit" button to see the award amount for which you may be eligible.

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